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I'm is NS too but we won't be getting the vax. I found it funny that the health minister was really pushing the vax hard...and then we had a shortage and this was printed... Quote: He was quick to stress that severe illness from H1N1 isn't common and that those not in priority groups can protect themselves by washing their hands often with soap and water, coughing into their sleeve, and avoiding sharing drinking glasses and water bottles with...
My mantra is "I make the best decision for my family based on what I know at the time" and because I never stop reading and researching what I know changes on a regular basis. so, yeah, what everyone else said, read, read, read! DD#1 was vaxed until she was 18 mos because that was the decision I made with the info I had then. Do I regret it, no- I made the best decision I could at that time. Since then I have continues to read and dd 2 is vax free. ETA- also, you've...
Yes, I think your both right about the greasing of the sheets. From my experience that has been my cookies downfall as well! ETA- I don't think it's the WW flour because that's what I use for my choc chip cookies and they turn out fine. I do think that when they don't I have put in too much butter or the cookie sheet has been greased- which has only happened once.
I like Putayamo kids CD's- you can get them in a variety of genres.
I'va always thought that we would co-sleep as long as each girl wanted to. Now that dd2 is a bit older I can see a time coming when they will probably 'move out' together into a double bed. Then DP and I would have the king size to ourselves...sigh... of course I do get excited at the idea of all that room but it would be hard to give up the great time we have bed sharing!
I hear ya! Not to alarm you but mine took a while to settle down---we're talkin' almost a year!
Quote: Originally Posted by blizzard_babe I'd think I should skidaddle on over and get me some non-vegan candy. I was thinking the same.
Wow- what an amazing sister...and she's only 20?!?!? You are so blessed
if you are concerned about it why not try reading her a book while she is chewing on a different one. I think just being around books and having them as part of your daily life is the important message.
give it to her! My dd has self fed from day 1 and it really does make meal times easier.
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