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Quote: Originally Posted by ell I find babies with pierced ears look kind of .. inappropriate? Like it would look if you put lipstick on them or something. That pretty much sums up how I feel too.
Slight hikjack--I would be interested to know how mama's feel who believe that on some level babies can remember trauma from birth and therefore, on some level, also remember the trauma of a piercing. My dd1 took 2 months to be able to nurse properly and I fully believed it had to do with the vigorous suctioning, among other things, during her birth. Is it just me or are their other people who don't agree with the- she's too young to remember the pain- idea.
The one that goes in the bed worked way better for us than the attaching one.
: If my dd's want their ears pierced we will use it as part of our coming of age ritual.
none of the above here too.
my dd is 13 months and she tolerates people a bit more as long as they have something interesting to show her or food, she loves food. DD 1 grew out of it earlier. I have mixed feelings about growing out of that stage. Yes, it's nice that other people get to hold her but...nothing made me feel more loved than a baby who wanted me and only me
Viva la Musica! I'm glad I found this thread as I was going to start a new one! I teach private voice and piano at my home studio. I trained in opera, piano and clarinet although I play other intruments as well (my mom was an opera singer/band teacher/music teacher). I am learning violin and guitar at the moment and I also play sax, trumpet and oboe. DP is a musician and plays guitar.
My dd (4) only goes a few times a day- maybe 3, She goes herself, never wets the bed or has accidents. She drinks when she is thirsty. I am a strong believer that kids don't need to drink a lot of water- like 8 glasses a day. She gets a lot of liquid from food, she drinks at meals and when she play's sports or when she asks for a drink but I never force it on her, kwim? I see a lot of parents in control of making sure their kids get "enough" water. Which is why,...
I love Oliver, Jasper would be my 2nd choice.
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