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a few more: stringing beads or macaroni playing piano sorting small objects
nak perfectly normal no you don't need to socialize her- she needs to feel secure sorry so short- hard to type with one hand
I had a co-sleeper that went in the bed- I don't know if that is what you mean or if you mean one that is beside the bed like an arms reach. Anyway, I used mine for the first few months and it was great to have. It put my DP a bit more at ease. We have a king and co-sleep with our 4 year old as well. We used it until dd grew out of it and now she just sleeps in the bed with out it. I was able to find one gently used online for something like $15. it was definitely...
nak I think you handled both situations well. In the first incident I would have agreed with EDad- no dessert as EKid had already had his. In the second situation I would have done as you did. I think as far as you stepping in, sometimes it is useful to have a mediator- we do it all of the time in our house. I'll post more later- one hand typing is hard
If anyone is up to it I can host knitting this Friday. You can pm me for my address.
Another Nova Scotian here too welcome to MDC Lacey!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola Or Renesme? awwww...her name isn't the only freaky thing goin' on with her though
Quote: Originally Posted by HarperRose : You're killing me!!! Yeah, my dh just read this thread and says: Epic name fail. :
Quote: Originally Posted by radosti Both my DS's were power nursers. 5-10 minutes did the trick. I had strong letdown, so they'd suck a few times to get that going, then ride the wave of letdown. I'd hear a breath followed by a gulp, followed by a breath, followed by a gulp and so on. So, I knew they were getting huge amts of milk fast. me too- I love the little gulping sounds
I would say just keep reading to him. My dd was doing the same and now she reads fairly independently. We read a lot of the same books over and over again. We would take turns reading. Online sites like starfall.com and readingeggs.com are fun too. Just reading everyday is, IMHO, the best and easiest way for kids to learn how to read.
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