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I would like to know if there is a program using everyday practical math uses...any ideas..aside from the obvious- just do everyday things
I thought I would be able to host knitting this week until Craig reminded me that Thursday night is my birthday...there is no telling what state the house will be in!
no, that hasn't happened. They usually go by nicknames though, Zo ( rhyming with though) and Soph. I think that if I used their full names while calling for them then that could be a problem. Also, I grew up in a house with a sister Sarah and my name is Laura and we never had any trouble. I would say go for it, if there is any problem you can always find ways around it, nicknames, middle names, etc. If you love the name use it, I think they go very well together
I teach two 7 year old best friends named Sophie and Zoe. The only problem I've encountered is sometimes I will accidentally say Zophie
Quote: Originally Posted by Niamh 4.5 yr old - A princess. 2.5 yr old - A kitty. We encourage our kids to dream big. :
I LOVE Juniper! it was going to be my dd's name since I was 12 years old My DP had different ideas but hopefully I will get to use it someday!!! She is beautiful by the way
I love funk butter- it works very well for me!
I like Lena- I had a friend with that name growing up, but it was pronounced Layna not Leena.
I bought a meter of terrycloth and a meter of flannelette and made beautiful double sided wipes. I just run them under the tap to wet them and throw them in the laundry with the other CD's when they're done. very easy and cheap!
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