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Welcome Heather! I am in Nova Scotia
I chose other since we are not structured. We read a lot, play, I answer her questions and if she seems interested I offer up more info but other than that we just live. Our lives lend themselves easily to natural learning situations- we bake together, I run my own business so she experiances that and I am a music teacher so she takes lessons. Like Elizabeth we have a few workbooks around but we treat them as colouring/activity books.
I'll be there too. Probably around 10:30. Catherine- sorry I didn't get back to you about Mar's toy, can I grab him from you Friday id you are there, and if not I'll pm you about getting him.
Quote: Originally Posted by nuwavemomma With the DD we're expecting in March, we originally said we'd name her Evie Quote: Originally Posted by sunflwrmoonbeam Ok, I love the name Julian, and incidentally this kiddo is going to be an Evie Is/Was Evie short for anything? Mine is short for Evedene- which is a family name.
un-interrupted sleep...with a 4 month old???? Seriously though- a king size bed. That way DH can stay and you and the kids can be snug, warm and happy It was the best investment I ever made.
Great name! One of my students name is Julian and I was actually reflecting on his name today and how much I like it. Congrats
It's perfectly normal
DP and I chose to name our dd2 after DP's great-grandmother and her middle name after his mother. When I told his mother I thought she would be honoured and thrilled. Instead she said "...oh..." She hated it. I found out that she hated her name growing up and that her estranged sister had the g-g-mother's name as a middle name. But...I loved the names so I did it- I named her what I wanted to and MIL is fine now. Mind you we do call dd Evie which is a shortened...
what have you been eating lately?
I would personally send my sister if I was in your position. Would your DH be terribly offended by this? I mean, if I were him and I knew the amount of pressure I felt and how difficult it was for me to handle it I would be relieved that it wasn't my responsability! Also, I would put it in your birth plan and make it known to the hospital staff.
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