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we have both and use that food processer for everything- even smoothies.
that sucks. When dd1 was born I came up with an array of retorts to use- thanks to MDC- should I ever encounter this situation. Luckily though in the past 4 years the only person I've gotten to use them on is my grandmother
My dd is almost 9 months and this behaviour is very normal and not something you really need to "fix". You just need to respond to her needs- she needs to know that you will be there for her. I suggest wearing her in a sling if you need to get things done and need your hands free. Teach your son that of he wants to take a toy from her he needs to distract her with a different toy, etc. If I was 9 months old had my only form of communication was crying/screaming I would...
We don't do valentines day. So, I voted no.
When dd2 was a newborn I put dd1 against the bedrail me in the middle and dd2 on my other side in a co-sleeper that sat on top of the bed. Now that dd2 is older I have her by the rail, then me then dd2 then dp. You can find a way to make it work.
Aloe vera breast milk? and I second Gitti's raw honey suggestion
I always feel the same when a new doctor is announced- a mix of sadness and excitement. DP doesn't really care for Matt Smith but I remided him that he didn't care for David at the beginning either. I think he has an interesting look- one definitely can't accuse the show of getting another pin-up boy And he's relatively unknown as an actor so it should be interesting to see how he does!
I love Catherine Tate and have recently been watching some of her comedy show. This clip is soooo funny. Also, if you liked it there are more online skits with her Lauren Conner character.
I will leave the girls- almost 4yrs and 8 months in the king size alone to sleep until we join them. Sometimes I come in to find that dd2 has woken up and dd1 has cuddled her back to sleep. To see dd1 with her arm around dd2 is so sweet. Beofre this month I kept them seperate until I came to bed but dd2 is so strong now that I don't worry too much about them sleeping together for a few hours. I don't plan on moving them into their own bed until dd2 is night weaned...
We alsmost named our dd2 Quistis as a middle name What name did you choose? I am jealous of your sonic screwdriver--but I know what to put on my b'day list! I just finished watching Genisis of the Daleks with Tom Baker and Sarah Jane which was awesome. I am disappointed that David is leaving but I was disappointed when Christopher left too.
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