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Quote: Originally Posted by Sasharna I do. My fiance spliced his marriage proposal into a copy of a Doctor Who episode, so it displayed on the TV screen when the episode was over. That is so awesome! That sound like me and my DP. For Xmas this year he had custom made a Dalek shirt. I screamed and then cried. It was geek bliss because the I game him one of his presents which was a Final Fantasy (RPG) t-shirt. We are two of a kind
YAY!! I am sooooo with you on the David Tennant crush! Yes, after this season- which will be 4 specials instead of 13 episodes- there will be a new Dr. He is young and relatively unknown. I hope that they will be addressing the Riversong story line but there was no mention of it in the 1st special that aired on Christmas Day. They only have 3 more specials to go but the show is pretty good with wrapping up loose ends and hopefully it won't disappoint. Have you...
makes no sense to me either. I think that 4-5 hours was the time to go between formula feedings and they just apply the same number to bf babies even though bm is digested faster/better therefore the baby needs to eat more frequently. I dunno, that might be what happened. Anyway, it's misinformation and it makes me mad that unknowing bf'ing mamas could be thinking that there is something worng with their babies because they are wanting to eat more than this misinformed...
Does anyone watch the new series of Doctor Who? I'm not sure if it airs in the US or if it is only available in Canada and the UK. Anyway, it is my favorite show and I adore David Tennant. Any one else watch?
That would be on the low end for my dd- she is 8 months as well. She nurses about 4-6 times a night.
From what I have seen this is fairly common for this age group 8-11 months. My dd is the same age and we are going through the exact same thing. I'm not sure if it is teething or if it is a digestive issue- she just went from being EBF to self feeding. Anyway, I've been doing basically what you have. I don't really have any advice just sympathy.
I would probably soak them first
You could put a newborn in a little co-sleeper that goes on the bed beside you. That is what we did until dd out grew it. Now she sleeps beside the bed rail until she is a bit more mobile and then I will probably put the matress on the floor. PS- Hi Charlene- I told you I was resuming my MDC addiction See you tomorrow
Count me in! I am also doing the 100 push-up's challenge- What am I getting myself into :
I soak my rice overnight and longer up to 12 hours sometimes. Mine has always been fine, never mushy. I don't know the reasons behind why but that has been my experiance.
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