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My dd can't put those thoughts into words yet, but when we bathe together she points at my vagina and laughs I'm glad I'm not a guy...I might start getting a complex
I bought some plain glycerin bar soap at the Health Food Store and decided I wanted to add calendula oil to it for dd's diaper redness. So I melted it w/olive oil in a dbl boiler and added the calendula oil. The I poured it in a mold and let it harden. Do you think that it is ok to use on her? I know that glycerin soap is good to use....but now I am paranoid that by re-heating it I have caused some sort of crazy molecular weirdness...: hey, I'm no scientist...I'm an...
I could never imagine doing this to a child..... wouldn't something inside of you scream that it was wrong?
Quote: Originally Posted by AntoninBeGonin Does the commerical play in the US? ~Nay Well, it does say "attack is the best form of defence" ...woah, sorry, it was too good to pass up (I've been watching too much Jon Stewart lately )
I read DH some posts from Shaggy Daddy, I think hearing another man say it's "OK" to be GD made him feel safer I had been telling him little bits of info all along but when I read him one of shaggy daddy's posts you could literaly see the "interest switch" flick on I guess he needed to hear it from another guy instead of just"us moms"
I'm not sure where it is, but it shouldn't have lots of ingredients in it. Maybe look for the words essential oil. I know that the grocery store and wal-mart here has TTO, but it is more expensive then the Health Food store for the same brand. Sorry I can't help more.
I don't know what the climate is like where you live, but here in Nova Scotia, Canada it can get pretty chilly! We got dd some inexpensive flannel/fleese sheets and she loooves them! They are soooo cozy! We got them for our bed too and I would definitely recommend them! They are soft, warm and Dora free Good luck!
My dd went through this too for about a month when she was 16 months. We just gave her sponge baths or held her close (we always bath together) and one day it ended as abruptly as it began Bathing together and toys really helped us too. Just make it comfortable for now and hopefully it won't last too long
Thanks all! I think that being consistant will do the trick--thanks for the quick responses!
HI Ladies I have been lurking for awhile but this is my first post on MDC... My dh and I are GD parents, which is why I am posting this here...it's not really a big problem (just annoying lol!) but I thought you mama's might have some creative solutions Ok, my dd is 16 months and for the past few months EVERYTIME dh or I eat something she wants it...even though it ususally is the same as what she has Usually what we have done has been to share our food with her. ...
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