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These are things that have worked for me. For hair washing I ALWAYS get in the bath with dd. I lay her head in my lap and wash her hair. I don't rush - I wait for her to relax and enjoy the feeling of laying in the bath. This has taken a lot of time, tears and patience but the results were great. When we are at nana's we use a hand held shower which worked well also. As for brushing- we do it at the same time each morning. She chooses a word that she get's to say...
I lay with dd and nurse her to sleep for naps and at night. I nurse while side lying at night so I don't really notice how many times she waked up because I barely wake up myself. At that age I would think that you should still be napping when she naps because I know that my dd's still nursed every 2 hours at that age. She may sleep longer at naps if you napped with her and then it's more sleep for everyone!
Maria is Mar, Marble, duder Evedene is Evie most of the time sometimes Ever, bever, bevie, Evs, Evelbee, etc
Quote: Originally Posted by Pam_and_Abigail I just started using this method:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMxJgIpe38Q I just finished watching the video- I can't wait to try it!!! Thanks for sharing
I make bread by hand and I find it very relaxing. I love, love, love this book. I usually bake once a week- enough for the whole week. I vary the kind of bread and usually make a pizza while I'm at it. I use whole wheat but sometimes I get buckwheat or spelt. I am now starting to grind my own for certain things but since I do not have a proper grinder I don't do it for flour as I use A LOT! I would rather have bread made by hand then from a machine- I find that the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Close2Me the most fun and hardly annoying music for children and teaches rhythmic patterns!!! http://www.themusicclass.com/ YAY! I teach Pups We are, obviously, a HUGE music house. I firmly believe that singing to and interacting musically with your child- even if you think you can't sing- is a very important thing.
Thanks- will do! Yes we do- in fact I am up bright and early tomorrow morning to get there before dd1's ballet class!
This thread is very interesting! I didn't post right away because I was a bit shocked by my initial reaction which was a big "No Way"! I really thought about it though and other than cultural indoctrination there exists no reason for me why it would be 'gross' or 'weird'. So, yes, I would
dd2's diapers and jammies are in our room as well as a hanging basket with socks, hats and shoes. All other clothes and dd1's clothes are in their room/playroom. ,
First of all s I can't imagine the grief you must feel at this time. I think that times like this you need some help. Maybe a friend or family member who can come and watch your dd while you nap or go out with your DH. You need to take care of yourself in order to be a good mom to your dd. I'm sorry I can't help in regard to the night waking but I couldn't read your post without responding.
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