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Quote: Originally Posted by Smithie Autism is right up there with genocide on the short list of things that make me doubt the existence of God. Um, do you think you could unpack that a bit?
Yes. I have to say, I don't really see the point of telling these strange stories to someone who is really agonizing over a potential, real, serious problem. To the OP: Sending much luck your way.
My DH and I are both student parents, and our youngest is around your Tristan's age. We're a bit older and have been doing this for a few years, so I hope you'd welcome some advice. First of all, school with a baby is totally do-able, but you have to be willing to commit--which, frankly, means taking out loans unless you're independently wealthy. Your DH needs to walk over to the financial aid/bursar's office on campus right now, on monday (or tuesday if your school...
I never had a problem with constipation and the mini-pill, and I know a lot of people who used it successfully, so I still think it might be worth a try if someone is looking for BC options.
My 20-month old is a champion clawer. He's just now at the point where he realizes what he's doing, and will stop if he notices. We do say "no," though.
It sounds like these children are in an extremely choatic situation. The kindest thing to do would be to not encourage them to call you "mommy." You are not their mother, you are their father's girlfriend.
I go to Columbia Presbyterian because they're a really, really good hospital. That said, their ER is a little no-frills. I've never been in a separate pediatric ER. The nicest ERs I've been in in NYC would probably be Roosevelt Hospital at Columbus Circle, and NYU. Good luck!
OK, now, I did one and it worked out beautifully. We were living in a very old apartment in the Bronx, and I decided to reglaze the tub. I followed the directions really meticulously, which I understand is super-important, and it was really really nice.
Sweetened yogurt would really NOT be the thing. You might try making your own mayo--that way you could make it in little tiny amounts. It's just egg, oil and lemon.
Quote: Originally Posted by peainthepod I know some of the services have cars with car seats, but what about catching a cab in the city? Do you just hold your LO and hope for the best or do you try to find a cab with a car seat in the trunk? We've been taking the trains exclusively but there have been a few times when I really wanted to hop in a cab to get home...but I don't know how that works now that I have an infant with me all the time. What do...
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