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She only got out of the 5 point this summer.  She's still very wiggly and leans super forward a lot.  Every time I see her do it, I threaten to put the 5 point back in.  It's the back seat of a car...I can't remember if there are headrests.  She's just so SMALL for her age, that I'm concerned.
I'm in the market for a new high back booster.  I have a Graco Nautilus that needs to be replaced because it was in the car during a car accident.  My mom has one too, but doesn't like to transfer it between cars because it is bulky and heavy.  She has fibromyalgia and can't lift much.  When in other cars, she just puts DD in a low-back booster.  I don't like it, so we reached a compromise.  I would find a high back booster that is lighter, and I would take her Nautilus....
Oh the irony!  I was in a car accident 12/19/11.  Also a Graco Nautilus and also no child in the car seat during the accident.  (Thankfully!!)  I'm currently trying to get the insurance company to replace it.  This information helps a lot!
High back booster.  The Nautilus makes sure the seat belt is in the proper position on her, and keeps her where she should be.  (Even if she falls asleep, she is still in the safest position.)
  Yes.  But she is more apt to sit properly in the high-back booster I have for her than the regular booster.
Super quick background:  My mom has custody of my daughter currently.   My mom is allowing my daughter to choose between a low-back booster and a high-back booster.  I don't want her in anything but the high-backed booster....which is why I bought it in the first place.  Alivia will be 7 in November, but is only about 40" tall and is about 43 pounds.  She didn't transition into a booster in general until after she turned 6.  When I say anything to my mom about this,...
I would do the same thing, OP.  After dealing with CPS, I am MUCH more reluctant to call CPS/cops on children.   I have left my dd in the car alone from 1+, but only as I run into the gas station to pay.  The car is already off, and I lock the doors.  I can see her from the registers, and if it's busy, I just throw the money on the counter.  Anywhere that there is a wall between me and her (like Target), definitely not.  She either goes with me, there is an adult in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lady Mayapple Again, DS2 is 32lbs and 36 inches tall. I'm not a rear-facing-for-eternity type, but with him still being so light I just get nervous about him not being in a 5-point harness, even though he is nearly 4 years old. The law is 4 years AND 40 pounds AND 40 inches. My daughter is 5.5 years (6 in November) and is still in a 5-pt. IIRC, she's just a smidge over 40" and the last time she was at the doctor,...
Fabulous! Congratulations!
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