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thanks, that is a great idea. One question... did you dig the nest out immediately after pouring the water or did you wait until the next day?
Hello- I hope someone can help! There is a yellow jacket nest in one of my compost piles (dh was stung 5 times last night!). They are pretty aggressive and I can't afford to let them bee with my almost 3 year old roaming our fairly small city yard. The problem is putting anything into my nurtured composting system that isn't organic. Does anyone have any advice on removing yellow jackets without pesticides? Thanks for your help. Jen
hum... we use both cloth and sposies. we buy bulk paper products from sams dd is vaxed, although we delayed some. she loves elmo in the morning!
me too!!! We just received the book last week! I am trying to offer my toddler more variety at meals and there are many unitimidating and yummy looking recipes to try! thanks
ICE! She loves plain water ice the best. But also loves ice fruit (frozen bluberries), ice peas (frozen soybeans), ice cream (frozen yoghurt). She will see ice in someone's cup and starts yelling "I , I, I". She can make quite a scene. She also loves her swimsuit. She loves going to the pool and as a result carries her swim suit everywhere. It is with us on walks, at the grocery store, etc... I guess you never know when we'll happen upon water
I would call someone (?), maybe a city housing department and ask. I believe that mulching around the house is standard when renovating/ painting older subsidized housing but I don't have specicfic information. I would guess that your landlady might consider mulching around the house for possible lead contamination in addition to general clean-up. We are remodeling an older home and my pediatrician recommended this all purpose cleaner - TSP - trisodium phosphate - as an...
We used the snuggle nest on and off for the first few months. I think it gave us "family bed confidence". We were really nervous about co_sleeping those first weeks and actually even slept with the light on . We quickly realized that it was much easier to nurse her to sleep with her right next to me. We did move the bed next to the wall and dd slept between me and the wall. The nest was really great for naps though and nightly diaper changes. Oh - one other thing, I...
what a wonderful birth story. congratulations and a warm welcome to jeremy
dd had her 18 mth appt about a month ago. she was 21 pounds and 31 1/2 inches. he was a little concerned about her weight just because it has dropped off and wants us back in 3 months to see if she is gaining steadily. i am not worried though, she is very healthy. i know the growth charts can be a helpful reference but too much emphasis is placed on them in certain cases. it is nice to hear about all the different sizes of these toddlers.
i like marisol also. we arent italian - mostly irish heritage - but named our dd francesca. she is actually named in honor of two special franks. and we have a dear italian friend named francesca. anyway, it fits her perfectly. whenever people ask if we are italian, i say no, but i always think of this hysterical bumper sticker i see around town 'everyone wishes they were italian'. sorry for the punctuation - our shift key is broken
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