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Love this!
Um. No.
I liked the "Go Green" episode. I think she and the host from the Renovation show had a good time bantering. All in all, not bad. I really haven't been watching their show for a while because frankly, it has gotten pretty boring. I am not that into the Table for 12. Just something about that show that bugs me. Still love LPBW though! (Even though I rarely watch that, either.)
Quote: Originally Posted by maddymama Hi Mamas, I watched it last night for the train wreck factor. I laughed out loud at the pagent father who cried when his daughter didn't win. What kind of behavior is that? I probably won't watch it again, bc it gave me nightmares last night. ~maddymama He needed to "explain" to her why she didn't win. Um. She didn't look like she even cared.
Quote: Originally Posted by AutumnMama http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news...44/detail.html That's the correct link. Just had to click on it then take out the extra http stuff Didn't read all the posts before I reposted! Thank you for fixing it. I figured it out, but too late! Sorry!
Quote: Originally Posted by kneedeepnkidz This actually just happened. Good reason to let them know! [URL="http://http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/18477544/detail.html"]http:// Oops! First time to post a link...http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news...44/detail.html
This actually just happened. Good reason to let them know! http://http://www.thedenverchannel.c...44/detail.html
My fear has always been water. Not like in the bathtub, but like driving over a bridge or water flowing over the road way. I literally go to sleep some nights and have horrible nightmares about being swept off the road and trying to get all of my kids out the car. When I had three little ones, all in car seats, I was terrified. I dreamed that I would put life jackets on them, all tied together and send them up out of the car (from the bottom of whatever body of water...
ITA with all of the above posters.
Great-grandma? A little bit of jello? I would. Not dangerous enough or terrible enough to get worked up about. Not a big deal, really.
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