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Just sent you a pm, mama. ;)
I am one of the midwives with Carrboro Midwifery.  We do serve mamas in Raleigh.  Our new office will be over off of Fayetteville Rd. in Durham and we will be opening the second week of May.  Feel free to give us a call to set up an interview.   Just to clear one thing up- none of the CNMs practicing homebirth have admitting privledges at any of the hospitals (with the exception of New Dawn in Ashevile, iirc) but that's not to say we don't make every effort to...
I'm was one of the first graduate's of the Bridge program.  I would be happy to answer any ?s you have about it.  I think it is a great option. The year you spend completing Bridge coursework is essentially equivalent to a BSN bridge, although you are not awarded a BSN. 
I'm putting together sample bags for client birth kits and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what natural mama/baby product samples are good to include. Some of the companies I have contacted so far either are unable to provide product samples or won't get back to me. Any ideas??
Welcome to the Triangle, mama!!  I have had all 6 of my babies at home, the last 3 here in Chapel Hill.  Because of the legal status of Certified Professional Midwives in our state, I cannot give the name of my midwife on this forum.  She is amazing though and I highly recommend her.    There are also a few CNMs in the area, one of which I work for.  Google Carrboro Midwifery or Birthwise.    Best of luck on your move and congratulations on your pregnancy!  
  There are a number of ways this is handled.  In VA for instance, CPMs were licensed as independent practitioners, not requiring physician supervision like CNMs needed to practice.  NC has supervisory language in the laws regarding CNM practice, which nurse-midwives in this state are now working to change.  Hopefully when the day comes in NC that CPMs are legally recognized to practice, their practice won't be inhibited by ridiculous physician supervision agreements. ...
Congrats again, mama!!  What a beautiful account of Simon's whirlwind entrance into the world!    Enjoy every minute of your babymoon with him!
I had a paragard put in just after Christmas.  So far so good.  Dh will be getting a vasectomy at some point but at least the IUD gives me some piece of mind. 
I'm NAK with a very cranky babe right now so I can't type allI want to say but, 3 of my kiddos are in CHCCS and so far its been a great for us.  As my kids have grown I've incorporated many Waldorf-inspired ideas into our home although my older boys went to Montessori preschool. Our experience hasn't been perfect but overall we are very happy with the public schools here.    I'd be happy to chat with you more if you'd like.  I'm a midwife, too so I'm sure we'd have a...
I love the photo of you nursing Dez, Farren!  So beautiful!   What a good looking bunch of kiddos we've got here, eh?
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