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Quote: Originally Posted by simplehome I run into this with DS, although it has really escalated a few times where we all thought they were playing well, then the older kids changed the game into something hurtful and mean. I think it is normal, even though it hurts. I've tried to get him out of there, but when he doesn't understand yet that things are getting nasty, it is hard to re-direct without spelling things out for him. So far it has always been...
Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly_mommy This year since his feet will be out I am going to get a pair of these slippers Love these -- but, buy UP in size they don't give as well as you might think. My ds has big feet, and I got these for him when he was 2ish, he out grew them within 2 months bit of a waste of $$ But they are super cute.
it's different with everyone -- my ds put things in his mouth FOREVER! He was almost 2 before he stopped wanting to eat sand But, what can you do? It's how they discover the world, I just got very used to redirecting what he was doing and kept a super close eye on him.
this might sound simple, but dress them how you dress yourself. Get some good slippers, I'd put the little one in fleece sleepers -- that's what we did when ds was little, they're super warm and you don't have to worry about the finickyness of pants on an 8 month old! Good luck Welcome to the cold :
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama2-4 .the hospital daycare will cost $101 a day!!!! Holy crap, are you serious? that's (not that you haven't worked it out yet) over two thousand dollars a month. wow.
I'm a Feb mom, but I do remember that their ddc had some discussion about where to continue -- so I went in their archives for you and found this thread. Hope that helps! and to MDC!!!
Good for you! The one time I stood up to a bunch (3) of teens was at a movie theater -- and it didn't go well I was 9 months pregnant with our first, and dp and I knew it would be our last movie for a while, so we chose to go out to the late show on a Wednesday, thinking it wouldn't be busy. It wasn't. But, there were these 3 young teens running up and down the isle yelling at each other. Now, me sitting on the isle seat decided to stop them at one point and say "Some...
Quote: Originally Posted by Past_VNE I'm an hour northeast of Houston. The offer really stands. I don't know if moving farther away from your family would ultimately help you, but we're here. You're right about the weather, but I was actually referring to the conservative social 'climate' around here. We are the hippie alternative freaks around here and everyone treats us great so far, though. So......I take what I can get. To get my alternative...
that was great!! oh and
Dp just bought me book #3 today for my birthday :: love him. (dp's not bad either )
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