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oh, one of mine did that around that age.  sucks!   what i eventually did was childproof the guest room and if he woke up... fine.  i just let him play and do whatever and i just went to sleep in there with him....   i also may or may not have put on a movie in the middle of the night when the poop hit the fan and i thought i was going to die from lack of sleep!  not a popular thought, but there you go.
i usually just say: "the party never stops at my house!"   which is true 
same everything.  i didn't care then and i don't care now... they're almost 2 and their cups get passed around all day.  i have no idea whose is whose.  and i suspect it will stay like that until they're old enough to care ;)
sounds like a growth spurt... don't worry about it, just feed the child!
those are insanely cute! one of my boys sleeps with socks on, no problem, but the other one will not keep them on... nor will he sleep under a blanket. it's getting chilly and i just can't keep the house super warm at night or my husband might die and i'm kind of afraid to put any kind of space heater in their room. thanks for the great suggestion, i have been looking for cute slipper socks too and these are awesome!
i've been on the hunt for 2-piece footed pjs in toddler sizes. lands end sells them @ $30/pr, which would be kind of OK if i didn't have twins and need like 500 pair have you seen any others around? the idea of wrangling almost 2-year-olds in and out of 1-piece pajamas makes me ill....
32 weeks, 30 days in the NICU. they came home on the same day. baby B was on oxygen for 1 day and baby A (smaller guy) was not at all. they just needed to get the sucking reflex down.
one of my kids is still napping, the other is dropping his nap. they are going to be 2 in january. the one who is dropping it just simply refuses to go down. and he used to take like 1.5hr - 2hr naps no problem. a couple of weeks ago he just started to refuse. i think he still needs it though... he crashes out for a catnap usually around 4 (in the car, or on his beanbag chair or something). but you can't force someone to go to sleep, so it is what it is. he is...
100% honest? i would not do it alone. i would definitely bring someone with. a friend, whoever. not trying to freak you out. i'm sure you can do it if you really want to. but if you want complete and total honesty... it sounds like trouble to me. especially with the stop-overs.
^^ that reminds me... whenever i go to the grocery store, the first stop is the bakery. the boys (twins, 2 in january) split a blueberry bagel while we shop. they have come to expect it (BA-GEY!!! lol!), it keeps them occupied and it's like a fun little ritual..
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