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i was worried about this, too. i don't have real body issues per se, i just like to stay on the thinner size because i really like clothes and i really like to be able to wear what i want. kind of stupid, huh? anyway... i gained 50lbs, and had my boys at 32 weeks. if i went longer, i surely would have gained more. i breastfed them for 15mos, ate healthily and well afterward. i am not really into exercising for the sake of it, but pushing them around in the...
the thing about learning to cook is that at the beginning, everyone stinks at it! and when you are constantly making food that doesn't turn out so great, your confidence sinks, and that doesn't really help the situation. but cooking is not rocket science, and eventually, if you keep working at it, one day, it will click and you will totally get it! it's like anything else, practice makes perfect. so start with salmon. find the easiest recipe you can. maybe a...
you can take out the middle pole of a swiffer to make it toddler-sized... my boys live for it, and fight over it! i seriously need to buy 2 more just for them. if they have the makeshift mini-swiffer, they're totally cool while i do the floors and etc.
if there is no need for others to watch him, then just ignore and do what you think is right. there will come a day when you will be OK with it (probably ), and even then only with certain people. and your MIL may not be one of those people! i personally wouldn't leave my kids with anyone but dh, or family. but my family is pretty cool. i think i will be OK with a babysitter once my boys can talk well, to tell me if anything funky is going on!
i wouldn't stress. kids are silly. i'd think it was funny!
my boys have had a pillow since like 14 or 15 months. they're 20mos now. sometimes they stay on it, sometimes not, usually not. it cozies up their beds, and they definitely like to use them. they're not into blankets (wakes them up, also) but i do keep one on each of their beds. we'll see what happens when it starts getting really cold. i think if i tried to put them in the sacks they would go ballistic
changes are hard, but sometimes it's just what you need. once my boys were weaned + sleeping at night i became an entirely different person... rested, mellow, ahhh..... i also got to the point where i couldn't even take the all-night nursing party. it was just getting silly... i was burned out and my kids literally couldn't get to sleep any other way. i was clinging to it because it worked so well for so long, for sure. but once i bit the bullet and did what i...
has anyone used the silikids glass? i want to start my 20-month-olds with a regular cup, and like the idea of this... but i have the nagging feeling in my head that they would drop it and there would be a billion shards of glass everywhere. does the sleeve really protect the glass fairly well, anyone try it? or can you recommend something else that might be interesting?
the whiteboard is a great idea! i'm sure that everyone will want to help in the most... helpful way they are probably just assuming that holding babies will be the best thing. i'm sure they won't mind folding a little laundry, or running to the supermarket or whatever. it will make them feel like good samaritans just ask, don't be shy! i wish i had!
at around 18mos i bought my boys a kid-size table w/chairs from ikea, they eat at their own table now. which they love. it's REALLY cute
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