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really, the only thing that worked for me was popping them both in the stroller and taking a long walk. i even bundled them up in cooler weather and did walks then, too... then, once they fell asleep i could wheel the stroller into the house and they would usually stay asleep. it was good for me, too... the fresh air and the exercise... one of my boys hated the car, so while it would have worked for one, not so much for the other. the stroller was usually good...
i also just pretty much steamed + mashed, or used the food mill. have you seen wholesomebabyfood.com ? great resource!!
because you know a catsuit is a great idea when you have to pee 99999 times a day
hilarious, i love it!! i decided to cut myself bangs when i was a kid, oh how pissed off my mom was... maybe if i were a twin, she'd simply be amused
hopefully i am wrong, but i don't know if there is anything you can do right now. from my experience, 7mos is just an awful age for sleep. teething, milestones, etc. mine were sleeping great @ around 4 months also, and then it started to deteriorate from about 6 months (when they started getting teeth). i think you just need to do the best you can and power on through. skipping naps isn't going to help - they will just be more wound-up. when one of mine did...
agreed, you're good!! those kiddos need the calories. you'll be ok! fwiw, i delivered @ 32wks and was up 50lbs by then. it would have surely gone way beyond that had i carried to or nearly to term. 18mos later it's gone. worry about growing the babies now, worry about losing the weight after!
thanks for all of your suggestions! keep them coming! an open field is actually a really great idea. before i had the kids i was very freaked out by the toddler leashes. now, i understand completely. if i had one toddler, running after him would not be a problem... oh the places we could go... but when the two want to be out of the stroller, and we're in a crowded place, and one runs left and the other runs right, well..... yeah.
i'm home with my 19-month-olds and am really wanting to get out more, but am having a hard time thinking of places where i can bring them alone (i have no family nearby, my friends work and i don't want to hire anyone). maybe you have some ideas? i used to take them to the playground, but am lately feeling a little unsafe about it, as inevitably one dude is on top of a slide while the other runs to the bottom of the giant slide w/8-year-old on his way down and about to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Julia'sMom I'm still debating if it's safe to park near the entrance, run and get a cart, then unload the kids. Ugh i do this. i leave the door open so that i can see them and run like the wind!
regarding the egg thing... how about french toast? that is so easy to make and i bet he'd like it. mix up eggs, milk, a splash of vanilla, a smidge of sweetener (i use agave), soak whole wheat bread in it until soggy and cook on a griddle. try it!!!!!
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