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if you're having to breathe through them, please do call! as someone who had her babies early... i would definitely get it checked out. you are still early, and it's better safe than sorry, right?
yoga pants and XL size ribbed american apparel tanks - i only went to 32wks though, so who knows how long that would have lasted also, maternity leggings w/ a knit maternity dress on top and boots. i wore the few dresses i had PP and was happy for the roomy comfiness!
moved him to a twin mattress on the floor. he sleeps a million times better now! the crib is a weird thing.....
my sons never drank cows milk - they weaned gradually starting @ 12 mos and they were totally weaned @ 15 mos. i gave it to them a few times and they weren't too interested. i don't really sweat it. i think it's actually kind of gross to chug milk all day long anyway. they plenty of dairy (cheese, yogurt, sour cream, milk and cream in foods like pancakes and whatnot) and dark green veggies, and ice cream once in a while. their pediatrician wasn't concerned at all. ...
how about if you let one play while you focus on the other? that works for me. i let the more active one bop around while i get the sleepier one to sleep first, then focus on the other (who has hopefully by then tired himself out).
mothering multiples by karen gromada - a great resource!!
are you offering him only pureed foods or foods with a smooth texture (avocado, banana, etc)? maybe he'd do well with more texture - my sons weren't interested in eating purees at that age. how about nutritious crackers, whole grain toast with butter? will he eat pasta? you can do whole wheat or they make these blends of whole wheat and beans, too - with butter and steamed veggies, or with a little milk and shredded cheese mixed in, or whatever... this is an easy meal...
first of all... you haven't messed her up. you had a routine that was working well... and then it started to not work so well. it just means that it's time for a change. it's hard to give up old routines (especially when they were the only ones that worked in the past!), but it sounds like she's ready to move on and so are you... so now you have to try some new stuff to see what'll work for everyone now. i think that nursing and rocking to sleep is amazing... until...
it's up to you. i personally wanted to wait until my boys were walking well to get them into their own beds - i did the transition @ 17mos and it's going great, they love their cozy beds!
i give my boys utensils with meals where they are appropriate and encourage them to use them... get all excited when they do, etc... but if they go to using their hands it doesn't bother me too much. i figure they will get it in their own time. the window of time where it is acceptable to shovel mashed potatoes into one's face and make a glorious mess is short, so might as well let them enjoy it IMO!
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