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HI, My dd is 3. She has the traditional shots at 4 mos. and 6 mos. and then I stopped vaxing altogether. I want to start catching her up on her vaxes but on a delayed/selective schedule so she can enter daycare next year when I start nursing school. I know that I can submit a religious exemption in my state (NC) but that private schools don't have to accept them. We are probably going to send her to Christian school so that makes it even less likely that they will...
ooo i wish i could join ya'll. i have something planned already but i'll keep an eye out for the next time. have fun!
Glad I found this thread. I'm still taking pre-reqs but will hopefully start nursing school (ADN) Fall 2010. I'm in taking a CNA class this semester. We are finishing up the clinical part next week. I'm not sure what area of nursing I want to work in. There is an awesome birth center where I live. I don't think I could work in L&D at a hospital.
I saw about 5 lactation consultants at UNC. I don't remember any of the first 4 but the last one I saw was Mary Rose Tulley and she was the best. She helped me better than all the rest of them. I also had Ann Conlon-Smith come to my house because I was having some issues and I live in Raleigh. She was great too! I'd recommend both of them. HTH!
Hi, My best friend lives in Conway and she is kinda crunchy. She attends the LLL in Myrtle Beach and has good things to say about it. It is small though. They only have 2 leaders for the whole area but that's better than nothing in my opinion. I recently met one of the LLL leaders there and one of my friend's friend and they were all about attatchment parenting and breastfeeding. My friend is Christian but not a fanatic or anything. I don't think her friend is...
Does anyone have a copy of the vaccine exemption letter that schools and daycares accept? Thanks in advance
Emma, I tried to reply to your email just now and my hotmail is being funky and won't let me type anything. Anyway, I'm leaving town next week but I can get together the week after. I'll try to email you again and maybe we can set something up. Have a great Christmas
Ditto what Stacy said. Hang out with us
My LO is two and I'm in nursing school. I really want to homeschool/unschool but I'm going to need to work at least part time. I was wondering if anyone else does and what your schedule looks like. I still don't know that much about homeschooling so I'm going to use this winter break from school to learn more. Thanks for your information.:
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