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'bout 30
read a poem once - "laziness in the easiest sin to admit to, since it implies greater things are coming" (something to that effect, cant check cause the book is in michigan and I am in england) ...always liked it 'cause it put me into perspective. ex used to scream and callme lazy among other things because I stayed home with the baby but he sure wasnt volunteering.....but better things came
well I hope not to add to your stress - my baby is 16months and still wakes at least three times a night to nurse. some days I feel like it will never, ever end and he'll be calling me up on his wedding night, in a deep voice saying "ready for my milk now, can you come over?" LOL
silkie milkies and we call coming to nurse and "perch n' slurp" none of this is the baby though, to ask for milk he makes a sortof inhaling growling noise. he is 15 months
my older boy was 22 months old, full sentences. before that just phrases and not many of those.
At midnight tonight. I got patches and everything. I've smoked for 16 years, nonstop, even through both pregnancies (flame if you must, you cant tell me anything I havent told myself). I'm actually kinda excited. smoking is such an annoyance.
I always say "I socialise them myself! watch! 'hey, kid, gimme your lunch money or I'll shove your head in the toilet!' there, just like a public school!"
I've given mine broccoli, carrot, banana, avocado....he spits them all out with ugh faces, I think he isnt ready for them yet
I prefer mom or momma ... baby doesnt call me anything yet but my oldest calls me marma, commie mommy, or smother though. LOL
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