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UGH! I see so many kids hit by their parents, it is truly disturbing. Texas SUCKS for this sort of thing.
I have a friend who circ'd her son, now six months, and what is left of his forskin has reattached twice. The first time, by four months, and her ped forcefully ripped it back, obviously causing a great deal of pain. Now two months later, and her little boy is facing the same. She's looking into a specialist. Any ideas? What happens if the forskin is left alone? Is that an option? TIA. FWIW, she regrets circumcising.
I wanted to be a Domino's pizza delivery person. I still love pizza but I ended up being an editor.
I'm dead even with the Dalai.
Tabitha, I did this with Myleigh last Spring. Montessori, two days a week, had to get the form from the state gov't, etc. It wasn't a problem. Her school was great about it. No enemies made.
I think FH is generally not a good predictor of size. I always measured right on, never ahead, and had a 9.5-pound baby. The OB actually predicted I'd have a 6.5 pounder. lol. I did gain 65 pounds. This time I'm again measuring right on. I have no idea what size this baby will be. I have gained 31 pounds so far at 25 weeks. Sometimes there are other reasons for measuring ahead, like extra fluid, etc. But unless your midwife is concerned, I wouldn't worry about...
Rock on, Karl. I think kilts are cool. But I do think that a dude should have nice legs. You know, lots of mucles and stuff.
Mystery muffin. Oooo, I always wanted to be mysterious.
Dh doesn't care, but I'm too practical. If blood wasn't red and dark, I'd probably be okay with it, but I don't want stains and towels are a pain. :
Hello, I'm almost 19 weeks and feeling great for the most part. I had an appointment Friday, and midwife was a little freaked that I gained 9 pounds in four weeks. But I'm very hungry! I started this pregnancy about 13 pounds underweight for height, and I've gained 21 so far, so even though it sounds like a big gain, I don't think it's too bad considering. I'm not scared of having another big one (dd was 9 lbs, 5 oz) but midwife wants me to keep an eye on the...
New Posts  All Forums: