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Yeah erm I find it a little gross 
We buy separately, always have.
I'm of the opinion that men do this on purpose    I often find that while men operate complicated machinery at work (depending upon what industry they're in of course) they seem completely incapable of working a washing machine.  And it's because they don't want to do the laundry, so they mess up on purpose because they know we won't make them do it again ~ they're sneaky like that 
Wow, I really feel for that woman getting an earful from you when it wasn't her that left her baby ~ she had trusted her husband to look after their little one.   Glad the baby was o.k
Well I'm completely useless, I've re-activated my Facebook already    I've edited my friends list and I think that makes a huge difference!
Thankful for being able to pay my rent   Thankful for my son ~ he's my joy and blessing   Thankful for friends and family   There's just so much to be thankful for 
Just money ~  I really need some new clothing for these winter months!
Oooh I want one!  I really do.
I fell pregnant with my son using withdrawal method 
I'm itching to put my tree up NOW.  Is it too early do you think? 
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