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You are definitely not mentally unstable because you desire a break!  It's terrible that he would suggest such a thing.  From what you've posted and a lot of the comments agree, your partner should be offering more support and help with the children.   Good luck 
*nods* from what I've read about it, I'm expecting a sad ending    But I'm of the opinion that no film can possibly be as depressing as Viggo Mortensen's The Road ~ a film that left me utterly depleted and disturbed.   Peace
I have found yoga to be very beneficial with those upper arm areas ~   
No, it's definitely not your problem ~ he has hands 
I think that there are many benefits to Facebook, such as what you've highlighted ~ It can be a good way to form new friendships and keep in contact with family.    For me, it was just overwhelm of juggling too many balls in the air with social media and Facebook was the easiest one to let go of.   Peace
I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but ~   Anyone else feel the overwhelming need to simplify their social media experience?  I've already deactivated my Facebook account, just leaving my blog and Twitter active.  The main reason I'm doing this is to enable me to feel more connected to my real life, instead of checking my iPhone every 20 minutes to see what's happening online.   It's so easy to get lost in it all.  Anyone with me on the...
Wow this is a tough one.  When I first started reading your post my instinct was to say 'Take it, take it' ~ But then you discussed more about your relationship with your parents and now I'm not so sure.  I think that your concerns are very valid regarding them throwing it in your face, especially your Mom, judging by what you've said.   What would likely be their response if you were to discuss your concerns with them?   Peace
I am so excited about these two films, I cannot wait to watch them    Never Let Me Go   Blue Valentine   As much as I am not keen on Keira Knightley ~ I've heard only good things about the book on which Never Let Me Go is based on.  So I definitely want to watch it.   And Blue Valentine, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, what a treat   Are there any films that you're really excited about seeing, erm apart from Harry Potter?    Peace
Your friends time is valuable to her too and maybe she feels like she is wasting that time waiting or anticipating you to commit to an arrangement that you've agreed to.  While your family is the main priority without a doubt, I cannot help but feel that you're being disrespectful towards your friend by not acknowledging that she is wasting time 'waiting' or 'anticipating' these arrangements with you.   I recently arranged a photo shoot with a friend and she kept me...
I can see both sides of the issue ~ like you suggested, it may be worth communicating with her via email to explain your feelings and to give her the opportunity to communicate back.  I would definitely not make any more plans to get together with her unless you know that you're 100% able to commit to that.   Peace
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