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I've only read the first page of responses to your original post.  But the thought did cross my mind whether it was related to her feeling stressed and needing some time away.  Completely understandable, we all need that at times.  Her error and it's a big one, was not communicating that to you and your husband.   Sometimes when our stress levels are so high, the ability to think rationally and responsibly is almost non-existent.  I'm not condoning what she did and...
Please try and stick with the paying off the debt.  I understand your frustrations well, but clearing that off will enable you to move forwards in a more positive way (even though it doesn't feel like it at the moment).   Debt is such a pain and I sure wish that I didn't have any either.  My 2011 is devoted to clearing off my debts too!   Peace
You know, I've never been a huge fan of anything that might be considered 'self-help', it's the cynic in me I'm afraid.  But in saying that, I have one book that I have returned to again and again over the years and that's Clarissa Pinkola Estes 'Women Who Run With The Wolves'   This book has spoken to me on so many levels over the years I cannot begin to articulate how important it is to me when I'm experiencing rough periods.   Clarissa's audio tape 'Healing...
Encountered this yesterday and I think that it's such an important issue to be addressed... females and education in developing countries.  Please check it out!   The Girl Effect    
I think a lot of it depends upon personal interests and hobbies ~ but for me, it's photography, enjoying a latte and lovely lunch at a favourite cafe, a film by myself, a long bike ride.
Hmm, I'm not sure that it has or had any special meaning to me over the years.  But what I do know now is that it's a bloody chore every year having to put that tree together and then filling it with ornaments and lights (my ex used to have that pleasant job, I knew there was a reason I shouldn't have kicked him out) 
I have a double bed to myself, but have to sleep on the right side near the wall.  However it doesn't always last throughout the night having it to myself as my 6 year old still likes to occasionally climb in. 
It's good to be back ~ It's been a LONG time since I last visited here, well it feels like a long time.  And thank you 
I should put Howard Zinn's book on my MUST read list of 2011.. I've been meaning to buy it for years!
New Posts  All Forums: