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I've read Soulemama on and off for years, I even bought 'The Creative Family' book at one point.  I have to admit that I don't catch up with her blog as often as I once did and especially not at the weekends because I grew tired of all of the sponsorship links.  Still a wonderful place to visit though.
Just a simple iPhone image of myself sitting in a cafe    I chose it because I liked the dark/light tones.
I can only speak from personal experience, but I changed to the night shift a few months ago.  I work within the Healthcare environment too.  It's the best thing that I've done all year.  I work two 12 hour shifts per week, giving me 5 days 'off' per week.  I am SO much happier working this shift pattern.  I just have more time with my son, more time overall to be honest.   Good luck x
It's not something that I have had to address as of yet.  But it is something that I have thought about.  I think that if I was to meet someone new, I wouldn't allow them to meet my son until 6-12 months into the relationship and even then, I'm really not sure.  I'm not sure if I would want to introduce my son to anyone that I was involved with, now that I think about it..  But there's a multitude of reasons for that.     1.  My son has a fantastic relationship with...
Toy Story 3, which I really enjoyed 
I've experienced individuals who will make an assumption about me because of the area that I live in.  I try not to let it bother me, their judgement says more about them than it does me 
I am very fortunate in the fact that Nana is presently living with us, we co-share a house.  When I have a cold, then of course I'll battle through.  But there has been once or twice when I've been incapacitated with the flu, like crawl on the floor incapacitated and she has helped me a lot.  She is a blessing that is for sure!   C
I must remember to pick up a copy of Yoga Journal next time I'm in the city.  I don't think that it would make a huge difference to my practice to be honest.  My needs are very simply regard to the actual practice itself.  Flexibility, calmness and being present in the moment and I am able to achieve all of that    C
It started off very interesting... but I did get bored half way through.  I can't remember much about it to be honest.  Sorry!  But I do remember that it didn't capture my attention in the same way that The Da Vinci Code did, or The Historian.
The only thing that I was disappointed in was the fact that it took 6 years for Kate to realise/admit that she loved Jack. Geeesh, it would have been nice for them to experience some level of happiness like Sawyer and Juliet did.
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