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I'm not 100% convinced that Christian was the smoke monster. Why would Smokey have wanted Locke to bring everyone back to the island in Season 5 if Jacob had set them up to be protectors/custodians of the island? Surely that would be to Smokeys detriment if their ultimate role was to keep him on the island. BUT, he did say that Locke would have to die (which benefited Smokey). Hmm, maybe Jacob anticipated Smokeys purpose for Locke and we're in for a big surprise. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by tanyam926 You guys might be on to something about Jacob and MIB and how the writers want us to think they are one thing and then do a switcharoo later on. That would be totally LOST wouldn't it? You guys are brilliant, I've never even thought of some of these things before. I love Lost but it kind of confuses me. That's why I don't read any of the fan sites bc I would just be out of my element. Is it just me or...
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali I think it's simple: Don't send them any more invitations. Don't go to their events. Seriously, if it makes you that unhappy, then just try to avoid them.
I came to really dislike the book, but must admit that the film looks pretty awesome. I have a feeling that the rape/murder scene will likely be hinted at, rather than shown in any great detail. I'm looking forward to watching it.
Sounds like she was just venting and feeling frustrated.
Buy your milk somewhere else... I'm sorry that she reduced to the point of nearly crying. She has the issues, not you. Peace
Wow, I just watched this episode and I so didn't see that coming... I was completely shocked by what happened to Dan. I'm completely fascinated by Richard and what his story is. And why it was necessary to tolerate Ben leading the others for so long. What is his role in all of this?
Quote: Originally Posted by splendid We are still in season 3 but we are in a new volume. Right now we are in Volume 4: Fugitives, the change of storyline is done purposefully (like a comic book where you have plot for a while then move on). Unfortunately the way they are executing the storylines, I think they are losing a lot of fans. But with the original writers back, I think things are going to get better. I hope so
This season has been so very strange. Starting off with them having to fight against Pete and Nathan's Father and then killing him off and going in a completely different direction and having to fight something entirely different. We are still on Season 3 aren't we? I'm becoming so very frustrated with this show and it feels like the writers just don't know what they're doing with it. Changing the storylines all of the time. I sincerely hope that Season 4 is an...
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom That was a great episode. But, man, no mention of next season. I think that Born to Run ended like it did with the assumption that it was possibly the last episode ever. I'm not sure how much to say about it because some people might not have viewed it yet. I viewed most of it on Youtube after I'd posted my post earlier this morning
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