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I would be so vexed if Fox cancelled this show. All of the best shows get cancelled. I have not watched the Season Finale 'Born to Run' yet, but I have read some reviews of the episode and from what I've read, it's amazing. It answers a lot of questions about Katherine Weaver and John Henry. I've been very interested in the direction that they've taken with 'rogue terminators'. Those that have disconnected themselves from Skynet. But this raises questions about...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2bluefish To each there own I guess. I found the post and those who wrote in response pretty disgusting. Nope, I'm still not seeing anything disgusting about her post at all. It came from a place of honesty about what she feels about the subject. But I fear that we may go around in circles about this... so we'll leave it at that
Quote: Originally Posted by 2bluefish "And I realized, I do not think that I would ever be able to forgive the parents of that infected boy. That is my raw, honest emotion toward that scenario." Wow, my raw, honest emotion is that you make me sick lady. ETA - OK, that's the last time I read any pro-vax opinions. I can't believe how judgemental those posters are! - and they don't even understand the reasons people don't vax. I have a ton of reasons...
I think that Heather Armstrong is aware of the reaction to her comments about vaxing and has posted a response to it all today... It's actually very interesting. her post can be found here/ Peace
I think that for the first time ever I actually liked Kate during this episode. Her parting from Aaron was very, very sad and I could feel her heartbreak. I'm actually interested in the direction that Jack is taking, I'm wondering if his purpose of returning to the island is linked to Claire. Also, did anyone notice how much the woman in the supermarket who found Aaron after he'd got lost looked like an older version of Claire? I'm also interested as to where Sayid...
I've tried Xanga, which I grew to hate. Blogger, which I liked but hated all of the HTML stuff and Wordpress. Wordpress was o.k but I couldn't customize my page like I wanted. I am now at Typepad, which is just lovely. Peace
I read the other day that they will be going back to basics in Season 4 and that no one need have watched the previous seasons to understand what's going on. I think that it was touch and go in regards to getting the go ahead with Season 4, especially with how bad the viewing figures have been for the past two seasons.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cherie2 Has anybody seen this? omg it makes so much sense! http://www.timelooptheory.com/the_timeline.htm Wow interesting theory... although it still leaves me slightly confused
Last night I sat flicking backwards and forwards between Heroes and Lost. Lost was so much better. I hate the fact that Peter doesn't have his old powers, I much prefered him that way. And I hope that they give Hiro his powers back soon too. The only time I feel that it's worth watching is when Sylar is on the screen.
Absolutely and now that I am a single Mother, my income is worked out to the smallest detail. I have some debt that I need to repay, and I make sure that all of my bills are paid on time to avoid any late payments. I do this to make sure that I know exactly how much money I have in the bank, and because I want to avoid stress. Peace :-)
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