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I'm still in the process of reading: Black Mass, Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia by John Gray And The Portable Atheist, Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever, selected and with introductions by Christopher Hitchens I also ordered 2 books by Naomi Wolf off of Amazon the other night. Peace
Quote: Originally Posted by hubris We have three sons and we don't do anything special. We just parent our children with compassion and with respect for who they are. I'd advise staying away from too much gender-specific stuff and just focus on your *child*. He will show you who he is and what his particular needs are. I agree
We actually share a house with Nana and honestly, I couldn't live without her. She is the reason why I was able to complete University and why I am able to work unusual hours at work. She would be insulted if I offered her money, as she absolutely adores her Grandson (who by the way is not her biological Grandson, she is my Step-Mother). But keeping in mind what this amazing woman does for me, I try to ease her burden as much as possible... and show my appreciation...
When I went to the Doctor in the early 1990's with really bad Pre-Menstrual Tension and the Doctor gave me anti-depressants, instead of actually dealing with the issue of my hormones. I was so shocked that he gave me anti-depressants I was speechless. Peace
Quote: Originally Posted by melissel Already did that a few times I was thinking of a photo calendar, but I haven't taken many good pics this year--bad mommy! Thanks for the suggestion I was going to suggest a photo calendar too... maybe a last minute rush to take some photo's Peace
Quote: Originally Posted by Medusa The Iron Giant. The Iron Giant is a lovely film I also like Antz (much better imo than Bugz Life) Dinosaurs
Quote: Originally Posted by captain crunchy The only appeal I can see to a flat screen TV is the fact that I would be able to hang it on the wall, at eye level -- dd couldn't mess with it -- and it would free up a lot of floor space (I don't like clutter). Other than that, I have no idea to tell you the truth! I have a few neighbours that have one fitted into the wall. Which is, I agree, good for increasing space. The cost of them is...
Congratulations Wendyland... You must be thrilled Peace
Two good friends. Dionne who now lives in South Africa. She is one of the most kind spirited individuals I have ever encountered. So very intelligent and so very thoughtful. She is currently undergoing IVF treatment and I wish that I could be with her to support her through it. DaughterofKali... I miss our lunchs at The Ark so very much. Peace
Tell me. I bought Ste a PS2 for his birthday earlier this year, and he wanted it, he really wanted it. But he was worried that he would allow it to dominate his time and distract him from work & parenting so he asked me to return it. I was a little upset because it was something that I knew he really wanted. But I returned it and ended up exchanging it for an Ipod Nano. Which he equally loved, but wouldn't distract him. Peace
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