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When you say blocks, what kind?
Babushka's in Russia will come up to you and tell you to bundle up your child if an ear lobe is sticking out of his hat.. not a big deal.. just their way.
My 2 yr old is so sad he can't have his diluted apple juice. Is there a juice that is known not to cause diaper rash? Thanks.
Mortgage business is suffering right now due to the subprime debacle. I'm surprised he has openings. So many mortgage companies have had to lay off lots of people.
MIGHTY BITES, MIGHTY BITES... that's all I hear these days... it's a new Kashi cereal he LOVES! It is so cute how he says it.
seems more discontent in the house... lays on the floor sometimes sucking thumb, or wants to sit on mommy's lap. What happened to the run around playing boy I had. I guess I need to update the toys or something?
Oakberry.. I pray for your complete healing. How hard it must be when you don't feel well. I have a girlfriend who has been in remission for a long time. Hang tough. To explain myself further for the person who asked.. I mean the feeling of waking up in the morning with anxiety over how to get thru the hours caring for, entertaining, feeding, disciplining, getting impatient with a 2 yr old who often brings out the absolute worst in me and in turn makes me not like...
Just wondering if I'm the only one.
For those who don't have to be anywhere.. do you find yourself getting out of the house most mornings because you go stir crazy? I think I'm programming my 2 yr old to go go go a little too much.
My 2 yr old does this a lot and I'm always afraid he isn't content in his home, or mommy's boring. I just don't seem to have the knack for knowing how to entertain the little guy... actually, it's more like I don't have the energy.. and no, I'm not pg.. I'm 41. :
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