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UGH! I'm a Mama of 4, with 3 c-sections...and I had my tubes tied after my last baby (finally a GIRL!!! lol) I was thinking my poor body couldn't handle another pregnancy, so I had it done. Now 4 1/2 years later, I'm experiencing some SERIOUS baby lust. Like really, really, bad...I'm 30 years old...I think it's my clock ticking away, and I'm thinking I would enjoy it more because I'm older and more mature...settled down, ya know? I wouldn't have done it if I knew then what...
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie well, we have plenty of alcohol in the cult, for those that want it. Did I mention I make my own fruit liqueurs and my own Baileys. and I make alcoholic ice cream too. my latest creation was coconut ice cream with butterscotch schnapps blended through. Can I just say I think I'm in love?
Quote: Originally Posted by phathui5 Could you have called your dad and said "Why is SM trying to steal my savings bonds?" He was actually in the office across the hall, I was thinking he heard what she was saying. However, going on his reaction to what DH said, apparently he did not hear SM. Either that or he is a pretty good actor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride I don't think the OP sounded "okay" with it, at all. I think she sounded like she's so used to her stepmom kicking her around that it didn't even occur to her to put up a fight. I think her dh is probably pissed off, because he sees what her stepmom does to her, and it's probably pretty freaking hard to watch. Exactly, could have said that myself.
On a lighter note, zoebird-my DD's name is Zoe
Thank you Pumpkin Pie it's comforting to hear that I'm not alone..not that I'm not sorry for what you and your DS went through, but it is good to see that you came out on the other side whole and happy. zoebird-I will take your advice to heart. It really moved me to "hear" that. Thank you for those encouraging words, you are truly a wise woman I do need to stand up for us, not just say "oh well." I've been doing that far too long. I am quite meek and mild sometimes,...
I second the jerky! ALso you could use an oven on a very low temp, if you don't have a dehydrator...that is an Alton Brown recipe too
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist I really am sorry. I have been disappointed/hurt by my parents too Thank You
This has been a 26 year situation. It's not all about yesterday, it's an accumulation of things that has gone on forever. The point behind returning the gift card according to my DH was that we can not feed, clothe, or use that GC for anything but hobby stuff(ie: paint, parts for DH's r/c cars, etc.) when we could have used real money (that was mine in the first place)for things we need, or could pay bills. I know the way he handled things was not optimal, but he has...
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist I know you're hurting right now, and I'm sorry. But I think you need to be honest about the situation. Your stepmom is not the reason for your crappy relationship with your dad, He is. And if you can redirect your anger at her toward constructively working on your realtionship with him(or maybe your disappointemnt in him), I think you'll ultimately feel better about things. It's a hard thing to...
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