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Same here, I can not stand to come home to a messy house.
Anyone have some locally? I Live in Sussex County, but would be willing to travel a little ways. Thanks, Kaara
Quote: Originally Posted by Amandala Wait, weren't SIGG bottles metal? I thought just plastic leached chemicals, and that glass and steel were safe! Am I wrong? SIGG bottles are made from aluminum, and they had a "reaction proof" liner that was supposed to be BPA free. To be honest, I got the SIGG bottles because they were pretty and on the recommendations of a lot of people here on MDC, they were nicer than most other bottles. I like my...
I hide them on Easter morning, I did it once the night before, and 1/2 of the eggs were broken into by the local wildlife.. My kids know I do it, and my mother insists that the "easter bunny" came I just don't care that much about the whole bunny thing, because the kids don't seem to.
We have no room for a 6 person kitchen table, and no dining room, so we eat around a big, round, low table in the LR. DH and I sit on the couch, and the kids gather around. We ALL eat together every night, and always have. I really don't think it matters where you eat a family dinner, just so long as it is done together on a regular basis. My mother says we need a "real" table, I just don't get her point.
Quote: Originally Posted by kallyn I do two kinds of dancing. Slow dance swaying awkwardly around in a circle with my partner. Any song that's not a slow dance, standing in place and awkwardly bopping my hips in time to the music. Anything else and I look like Elaine from Seinfeld.
OMG...I'm SERIOUSLY laughing, snorting, crying....and now I've gotten to the point where I'm gagging because I'm laughing SO hard. This is hilarious!!! We use Scott 1000 and go through a roll a day, for 6 people. My DH is a folder, the two oldest are wadders, and I only use a little, cause I like to use a babywipe in the bathroom...it's like a shower down there each time I go! I wipe my 2 littles and they don't use much either. hahaha my dad poops with the door...
I dance at Phish shows...but technically I think that is considered groovin' or gettin' F-U-N-K-Y! At home, yes, the kids and I dance ALL THE TIME...at a bar, club, or wedding...not so much..unless I'm drinking. I need social lubrication too I feel totally self-conscious and out of place, because I don't dance like everyone else...I kinda do my own thing... Amongst thousands of Phishies, that is perfectly normal .
haha..trying to get off the Diet Dr. Pepper here...ugh. Good luck. I second the unsweetened Iced tea...with Lemon of course
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