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Quote: Originally Posted by babygrant Walmart? Your baaaaaaad. Kidding! I know I truly have no choice DH likes his underwear with a "comfort soft waistband" I do buy my food locally and in-season though...
Quote: Ooooh, where can I buy Red Rose tea? I picked it up at wally world.
I hate them too I have been asking them to extend some kind of internet service 1 mile down the road for 9 YEARS. I'm getting mad right now, and taking it out on my keyboard while I type this GRRRR.
Quote: Originally Posted by KristyDi snip~ I have gotten to the point that I put things on the convener belt in the way I want them bagged. Before I put anything on I set my reusable bags on the belt. First I do hard stuff, cans, boxes etc. then cold stuff goes together with the meat at the back, then produce, then big stuff like dog food or toilet paper. Last is really fragile stuff like eggs and bread because I figure if I put them on last the they...
I just opened a box of Red Rose tea, and it had a porcelain figurine inside. It said "collect them all" I think it's a once a month promo where they have a new one for each month/holiday...snowman for Jan., cupid for Feb., leprechaun for March, etc....I got May's and it is a little girl holding a bunch of flowers...SO cute! I feel like when I was a kid and there were GOOD prizes in the Cracker Jack box. Is it wrong, that I will probably continue to buy this tea,...
That is a seriously strange picture!
I have 5 of them, I called it a loss, since you were not guarenteed to get the same ones. I ordered ones from Klean Kanteen, I've never looked back..they are SO much nicer
cool cloths, nursing, nursing, nursing...if it didn't get better, the I would have called the DR.
Wonderful thread! I'm gonna make te honeybaked lentils tomorrow for dinner
Thank you so much!
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