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Have you tried in FYT? I've had good luck in my area posting there.
I've had this happen before...
Quote: Originally Posted by dogmom327 Use an equivalent amount of organic apple cider vinegar to what you would have used for starter tea (so for a 2 quart jar, I would use 1 cup of ACV). The first batch using ACV may or may not taste great but at least then you'll have starter tea for the next batch. As long as you let it ferment for seven days at a decent temperature (at least high 60's) you should have kombucha you can use for the next...
I just got a SCOBY in the mail today, but it came with NO liquid...it is wet, but I thought it needed some of the tea for a starter...Can I still make it? I was just gonna make tea in a 2qt jar and sit the SCOBY on top and hope and pray Will that work? How do I keep it from molding? What about adding a bit of vinegar? Sorry if this has been answered a million times, I searched, and couldn't find a definitive answer. Thanks, Kaara
Great article! She really put in perspective, that when I take the time to do all these things myself, someone DOES notice and care. I've never felt less than because I SAH, it's good to see that old fashioned values are again returning to new mode. I lived with my grandparents as a kid, and all this stuff was just what was done in their house (both were born in the depression) Homemade clothes, food growing, eating our own chickens...they are now quite wealthy, but...
Always sounded too good to be true to me. I feel the same about most weight loss "supplements" It sure would be cool if it were just that easy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smithie Even though I'm no kind of strict Traditional Foods mama and never will be, I found several traditional foods-type books to be very, very useful for enlarging my ideas about how/what/when to eat for meals and snacks. Nourishing Traditions by Fallon is a huge hippie tome that's just fun to read, Real Food by Planck is shorter and more relevant to the typical 21st-century lifestyle. To keep the eating in this house...
I had heard about syncing with the moon cycles, I just didn't know it had anything to do with light. I remember it being called a "moon time" in some books I read ages ago...Mine was running with the full moon for a while, but around Christmas...it got all screwed up...maybe it was the Christmas Lights!!!
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