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OP what is wrong with you?!?!? That is one of the cardinal rules to womanhood!!! It's like the "Tim the Toolman Taylor" way of doing things..."screw it up bad enough the first time, she'll never ask you to do it ever again" That was my DH'ds motto, but I became wise to it a while back. He still hasn't figured out that the house was a wreck an hour before he got home, and I've been on MDC all day long (minus kid time of course )
I would let my dogs in my pool, but in a community pool? Nope. That would be inconsiderate
We have that book too. i bought it when DS #! was a baby. i cried in the book store when I bought it, and now....oh...it holds so true! BTW, there was a thread a while back where lots of peeps thought it was weird, but I still say it's sweet.
IDK, my DH and i are pretty different. Not polar opposites or anything, but we can always find something to disagree about We don't talk politics often. I am very liberal, and he is more of just a regular old democrat. In contrast to a right wing conservitive...we look nearly the same, but to lefties...well, ya know what i'm talking about. I wouldn't want to agree with everything that my DP said. We compliment each other, because we are different.
Quote: This is what I wrote in the "embarassed in front of EMTs" thread a few months ago: In 1999, we moved from Nowhere, Iowa (pop. 500), to Mountain View, California (pop. a lot) - if you're unfamiliar with the Bay Area, this is in the whole Silicon Valley area, where the cities have no definable start or stop (very confusing to this rural girl). Anyway, it was a huge culture shock, but more importantly to this story, we didn't know anyone at all. One...
oops double post
Quote: Originally Posted by ani'smama I tried to fix the link. Let me know if it works. it's working...I do think you look like Renee Zellweger.....I like her, but I've never seen either of the Bridget jones movies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leta ani'smama, I'm not getting any pics... just a sign in page. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Leta I've gotten a lot that were pretty far off (and, interestingly, many of the same that UnSchoolinMa listed- maybe we were separated at birth?), but the two that I've gotten the most, by far, are Angelina Jolie and Monica Lewinsky. These are some very recent (DH took them last night) of me. Make your own judgements. http://mikeandleta.blogspot.com/ Leta~I'm having a moment here... You look just like an...
I used to get Cameron Diaz and Ashley Judd all the time...but I also had very blonde hair. IDK who i look like now...post kids, heavier, dark hair etc. ETA: What do you think? My pic is in the link to myspace in my siggie
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