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^^^^That is why I won't order satellite. It sounds like you are in the same boat as us, just on the opposite side of the country. I just want to be able to download itunes or watch some youtube videos like the rest of the world, ya know. I drive to a free wifi spot when I do the shopping about once a week, and take my laptop and/or my ipod touch to get updates or download music. I LOVE living in the country very much, I just thought there would be internet here by now I...
Quote: Originally Posted by MadiMamacita I was just reading that if you sleep in total darkness and shine a bright light for a few nights you can simulate the moon and your cycles will follow that pattern, nevermind if this is TMI, but do you find that sleeping with no lights other than moonlight effects your cycle? Huh? Please explain
No outside lights, no inside lights...darkness...ahhhhh We've lived here 9 years...If we can't find our way around by now...well...I just don't know
Quote: Originally Posted by Alisha I've been hearing good things about "Clear" We tried to get it at our house but could only get reception out on our porch. It runs off the cell towers or something like it and they offer phone, internet, etc. It might be worth a try if they offer it in your area. Just signed up for an alert for when it gets to my area. Hopefully, it won't take too long *sigh*
Quote: Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X Do you not have a local phone company? Or is verizon the only one available there? Verizon is it. It's a pretty rural area...the worst part is that 5 miles down the road, they have cable AND dsl.
Not as of right now...Verizon doesn't offer it here...I've been trying to get it here for 9 years...I'm on a waiting list
Anyone live in the country and have high speed internet? I've looked into getting a laptop air card(runs off cell towers) and there is a 5 GB cap...which translates to downloading 1 movie, or a hand full of songs....Satellite seems overpriced, and I'm not sure I want ANOTHER dish on my house. I can not get cable or DSL, since they won't run them out this far I currently have AOL...I am ready to just give up and be internet free...except I would miss MDC What's a...
Still no long term results? I would love to hear some success stories.
I molasses...please share the recipe
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