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Quote: Originally Posted by velochic Wow, Kyndmama, I probably haven't been through 100 incandescent bulbs in 10 years, let alone hundreds in a couple of years. I can't even imagine how many lights you must have in your house. The problem I have with the CFLs is two-fold. I get migraines and they are known to exacerbate this problem. At work, I keep my overhead lights off because of that because I will leave work with a headache if I don't. If for...
First of all I have to tell you my family and I are meat eaters, but these are some things that go over well in this Omni household. My first step would be to try to convert her favorite meaty meals to a veg. option, without using soy-meat stuff. Portobella mushrooms as burgers ( like them marinated in garlic, evoo, and a little Worcestershire sauce, S&P) Crimini mushrooms chopped finely and fried like ground beef for spaghetti, again with the fresh garlic and evoo....
My DH is also a junk food junkie We keep a "clean" house, so we have an agreement that he eats that crap when he is not home. DH does enjoy healthy homecooked meals though, so it's not a problem getting him to eat it, he just wants to follow it up with a 1/2 of a bag of Doritos I have tried SO hard to clean up my eating a few years ago, because I didn't want my kids to grow up that way. We DO have treats, like a PP said, I make them, so I know what is in them, and they...
They check for scabies by doing a skin scrape. Didn't you say that has already been done? If so, then I'm pretty sure that a parasite wouldn't be missed. I still think it looks yeasty or fungal.
Please keep us updated for your LO, mama
Ooooh that IS interesting!
I put my kids and DH in a Epsom salt bath once a week (separately of course ), and myself, about 2-3 times a week. We all are sleeping better, and that is what I was looking for. I find it a really pleasant experience.I usually wouldn't waste the time (and water!) soaking in the tub but this gives me an excuse I add a few drops of lavender and patchouli EOs and soak away!
I always sub ALL oil for applesauce. Never had a problem
I my CFL's! I am a SAHM, and there is at least 3-6 of us, if not more here 24/7. The first couple of years here in this house, I went through, no kidding hundreds of regular light bulbs. Now, I buy a couple of big packs from Sam's club once a year, and it usually lasts us till the next year. I know they promise YEARS of life out of them, but this a YMMV situation. I am pretty sure those claims are made for a household, where the parents and kiddos are gone to school or...
Quote: Originally Posted by chattyprincess Do oatmeal baths help? This.
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