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Can anyone compare these two? I have used blogger and free wordpress. I hate how my blogger looks awful on a phone. I was going to go with typepad, but squarespace keeps jumping up on my radar.
We are looking at a job possibility in Philadelphia. I am looking to find an area that is family friendly. My kids love to walk around. Good public transit is a bonus. We would love to be close to Whole Foods or Wegmans. We homeschool, so a nice homeschool community would be a bonus. We have a large family and a mortgage around 200, 000 is probably our max.
Anyone have a medical supplier or have ordered these themselves. Our new insurance won't buy them. I looked online but I don't know if they are shady.
You might need to be added to the group? We ended up in Miles City, MT.
I think those pictures are a bit embellished. I wouldn't soak my chia that way if you are using it in a smoothie. If you soak it, then stir or shake the jar. Otherwise it just clumps. If you can stomach it, my favorite way to eat it is to put it in a mason jar with chocolate almond milk. Stir or shake it a few times. It is like tapioca.
I keep trying to remember to try the one from cultures for health. My kids don't like yogurt but I do. I just can't afford the non-dairy stuff.
I need to rejoin the group . I just went and tried again. We are working on getting a mortgage. My husband really likes his job there. So, just working on things. I need to find homeschoolers.
We are going into year 10 of homeschooling. We have 5 kids now. We thought we wanted to homeschool to have a superior education. But, it is all about relationship. My kids relate with children of all ages. They love babies. The social skills they have gained are just what they need to have a full life no matter what life throws at them.
We want to bump our credit score up and this looks like it might be a nice tool.  I like graphs and charts and such.
Falafel Shelf stable milks Canned coconut milk Canned beans
New Posts  All Forums: