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Somr of the never- schooled teens in our hsing group have gone to public high school. This has concerned my 16 yr old, as they have grown up together and she misses them at hsing activities. However, because she misses them, we've gotten together after school hours, and one of our friends picks up her daughter from school a few minutes early a couple of times a month for one of our hsing gatherings. My youngest child also likes to meet with her hsing friends at least a...
I don't usually get too worked up about stuff like that, but watching kids make beards with mashed potaotes and then eating it is rather appetite-killing. (Maybe I need more appetite-killing in my life...lol)
For those who want to know where our food comes from, and why: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIWxEH2ActM And how to make it better.
I was able to get a 2 yr old Sienna XLE for 24k. It's hard to love a vehicle, but as far as people movers go, it's got it all. I have put more junk in that thing than I care to admit...gear, animals, Ikea furniture, trees, children, lol. It does it's job well, and as far as mini vans go, looks pretty doing it. Of course it's gray, and it's sometimes hard to find in a parking lot. I've stood at many gray mini vans in my day, pressing my remote while nothing happens. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by justmandy Actually, yes, I am the one who won't eat my peas around here! Thai food is a lot about peas. My kids love Thai food. Maybe that will help? lol
I had 7 kids who are not mine in my house today.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka i think the best bet then is to say you have looked at it more and it really wouldn't work. will she ever meet your distant out east family? could you just say "i talk to my family about it and they would really rather not have an extra guest" honestly I wouldn't be offended if you came to me and said "you know what . . this just isn't going to work out. its going to cost a lot extra to bring another kid, i don't...
In my town, a child can participate in sports, and can also take labs and music/art. You don't have to attend full time. My teen hser is on the track team. We haven't done anything else. There is a 16 yr old in our hsing group who lives in another town and is in the drama club and takes part in all the plays etc.
I have a friend who nursed her schooled dd until the end of first grade. It worked fine for them. (She did not nurse at school). The child is a junior in college (pre law) now and no longer nurses. She is one of the most awesome young adults I know.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magali http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/t...pe2/index.html Try these. They are so perfect. The secret for this recipe is not using breadcrumbs, but bread soaked in milk. OMG, these are soooo good. Perfect they might be. Kosher, they are not. I OP, I think you may need to brown them first. To the meat add salt, pepper, and if you want, dry breadcrumbs, but you don't really need breadcrumbs. Don't...
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