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If people haven't read Micheal Pollan's book In Defense of Food, I'd try that and then maybe drop some food, organic or not, off at your local food pantry.
Guilt? lol Why would one feel guilty about genetics? Go back n time and pick a different partner? My dds are small and what of it? they are hs'd, but I'd put them in the grade that fit them best if they were to attend.
Quote: Originally Posted by EviesMom Pastured and bidynamic soil are not the same thing as organic though. My eggs are free range, but they're not organic. The chickens sometimes get food that is not organic, hence the farmer can't label the eggs organic. However, they also live outside, eat bugs, have regular chicken lives, etc. Organic laying chickens might just eat organic corn in a tiny cage all day. Same with organic fruit/veg in many cases. Local...
It's more trouble to go away than to stay. That said, I took a vacation with my dds and sisters, leaving dh home with the animals. That was heaven. I didn't worry about the animals and I didn't have to pay anyone. I did miss dh, but it was still heven to chill in the sun with my kids and sisters and know everything back home was being well cared-for. I am planning another trip like this. When we all went on vacation together this year, we paid someone to stay at the...
If we trust people ti know when to be born, we have to trust them to know when they wish to die. It's not about you.
These aren't modern designer cows, these are more what cows used to be...we've bred them to be huge. They are adorable, but at $3500/cow, we won't be having one any time soon. I do want piglets, however. Cuuuuute.
Quote: Originally Posted by gagin37 they are 7 months old, and their feed does say it's for layers. Larger birds maight take a bit longer to start laying, and need time to feel comfy in their new surroundings. I've noticed cooked oatmeal sprinkled with ground flax seed gets mine laying. This is simply my own experience, and I got no links. lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Chicky2 We've had plenty of times when we've found a stash of eggs here or there. I can tell ya they've been there for a week at LEAST, and they almost all always pass the float test. We frequently do this w/guinea eggs, too, since they rarely lay in the coops. As a matter of fact, a few days ago I ran over a clutch of 6 or so guinea eggs w/my lawn mower and they didn't crack so I gathered them up and took them in! ...
How old might they be? What color are their feet? A layer should have yellow legs and feet, and an older hen who is laying less has pale feet. EDT the word yellow! lol
Unless your dh's concerns are more financial, ie You guys can't afford several spendy trips a week, he's wackaloon. What kind of person says the kids can't go to the park or beach few times a week? Our park is free, and so is the beach.
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