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Sounds like it could be low serotonin as well (and issues with melatonin, which tends to be low when serotonin is low).  I'd try pancreatic enzymes first, then some folate & methyl B12.  
The best one is D3, which as far as I know is only sourced from fish oil or lanolin.  I believe there are vegan sources of D2, but it's not nearly as effective in remedying D deficiency.  If you are still breastfeeding, take lots, and also take mag, calcium, A, K2 (they all work together in the body).
I'd be looking at food allergies/intolerances first, especially with your family history.  Have you tried taking out dairy?  Lots of other possible culprits, but that's the one I'd try first (and then come visit us in the allergy forum :)...)
It's not so different, bank tellers hand kids lollipops here, lots of stuff like that.  Sigh.  Your DD is old enough to learn that she can't eat anything you haven't given her or approved.  That may sound harsh, but it's the only way to keep her safe.  Provide safe candy to the school, etc.  The transition is hardest, I think - once you've figured out what she can eat, and she gets used to not being able to eat everything, it will get easier.
You're probably not going to figure out much while he's on the meds.  So I'd either go off the meds and see if with the ED he's OK now, or go off the ED (it's not good to be on for more than a few weeks).   I personally would stop the meds and see where he's at on the ED - 3 weeks is long enough to have cleared stuff out of your system, so you'll be able to see if his skin stays OK off the meds.  If it does, then you can start adding foods back!
Leigh, I agree with Shannon - count how many times he blinks a minute, when he's up, and when he's down.  If it's low dopamine, things that can help are the B12/folate she mentioned, pancreatic digestive enzymes or a good protease, SAMe (if he swings between high and low, that one could make things worse).  Is he taking anything supps wise?  Do the swings happen a lot, during a day?  How's his sleep?  Motivation?
Yeah that.  One of my friends has 3 kids, and at least two of them are very clearly reacting to something (I suspect dairy & corn at least) - awful eczema that keeps them up at night, and huge allergy shiners.  She knows they're likely food reacting (after watching our journey with DS), but she still thinks it's harder to take away cheese than to deal with the constant scratching, whining, poor sleep, hyper stuff, etc...  Her idiot DH likely isn't helping, but seriously,...
Dairy's very portable, and it worked well for me as a pg snack (some sugar and also some protein).  Cheese, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese - all easy on the run.  Chickpea fritters - lots of fat (which for me was important for fighting off the hungry, dizzy feelings).  Hummus, other bean dips would work there too.  Stash dinner leftovers in the fridge in snack sized portions.
How often does she night wake normally?  For that age, I'd consider anything more than 1-2x a night a potential food reaction symptom (just perhaps not as severe as some of her others.   If you need the added power of a current food reaction before the holidays, then I'd test foods one at a time, and test them directly with her (if you eat them, it will take longer to clear them from your bm if she's reacting).  I'll be honest, kids that react to lots of foods don't...
LMAO....  be careful what you wish for :)!!!! Kinda depends on the veggie.  I'd probably want more reason than that to try digestive enzymes with a toddler - will s/he eat veggies baked into other foods (e.g. eliminate the texture issue)?   I am definitely CLEAN --, but I love decluttering.  I go through all our clothes, all our storage cupboards, garage, etc at least 2x a year, with DH, and get rid of anything we don't need/use.  It amazes me how much there is when we...
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