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Up your mag as much as you like unless you reach bowel tolerance.  I know some mamas here take 2x what you do.  You can definitely up your P5P as well - do it slowly, but anything up to 50mg should be fine as far as balance with other Bs.
If she's that sensitive to dairy, I'd take out the biogaia drops, and double check EVERYTHING you eat to see if there's any trace dairy anywhere else in your diet.  That might be enough.   Or it could be that she reacts to almonds - have you eaten almonds where she hasn't reacted?  Check the various oils you take, many of them have soy and/or corn, in the soft capsule, for example.   If you take out any remaining trace dairy and still have issues, then I'd...
Sounds like sulfur foods are an issue for you right now - P5P can help with that.  How much mag, mo, P5P are you taking?  How is your little one doing?
At this point I'd try an enema or suppository.  At least with DS, once we've passed 2-3 days, all the mag in the world doesn't help, it just gives him gut cramps, which you don't need.  Anesthesia can slow gut motility for a while, so it might be harder than usual to clear poop.  I'd go with the acute fix, and then take lots of mag.  And I'd do it soon, before you have a blockage and need to have them deal with it in the hospital (big time enema, usually).   When you do...
The top 4 intolerance foods are dairy, gluten, soy, and corn.  As a first step, I'd try cutting those.  I *think* there is a lecithin that isn't soy, hopefully someone will pop in with more info on that.  However, if you eliminate all the other soy you eat, you'd likely see improvement.   Note that zantac has corn in it, so if she's reactive to corn, that could be making things worse.   What probiotics are you taking?  Many of them are grown on dairy, and most...
Have people successfully muscle tested for sals, CS?  I didn't realize that.  Do you have to know it's sals you're testing for?  (e.g. is it like the crystal, where the question you ask matters?)
Rashes and red around mouth developing at this stage, I'd suspect salicylates - a food chemical highest in fruits.  It wouldn't show up on any food test, and often develops because of a deficiency in one or more nutrients needed by the pathway that processes sals (magnesium, molybdenum, and P5P, the active form of B6).   Does he eat lots of fruit, dried fruit, berries?  Here's a more complete list of high sals...
Dang, glad someone is figuring this all out, thanks JR!   Yup.  Or more precisely, cal/mag imbalance.  When we reintroduced dairy, I had to up DS' mag 50% to keep the low mag symptoms at bay.   LMAO!!   One way to up NE would be to drive more methylation via the shortcut (the rest of us are trying to prevent that because we get high NE kids ...).  So, PE/PS/PC (or eggs), and maybe some TMG.
I've never seen natural calm granules - how much mag citrate do they contain?
Thanks Leigh, siggies back is helping me a lot.   Now to go replace my pg avatar, because that is just never gonna happen!
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