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A lot.  I'd say it's one of the first symptoms people often see improve.
OMG, my avatar is pg.  
Argh.  That is all.  
So those of you who change your names, please don't change your siggies, or I will need a spreadsheet to keep you all straight!! Tanya, too many methyls makes DS hyper. However, you could have hit it, or triggered some detox. GABA makes DS weepy, are you giving him that by any chance? We're working on switching some of DS' hydroxy B12 to methyl B12, so I'm watching him for signs of methyl overdose. Not yet, but it is triggering more detox, which is interesting (he...
No idea on the testing, but sounds like his histamines are really high - to help with that, you could try lots of methyl B12, some mthf folate, lots of C, and some quercetin.
I'd guess you're seeing prolactin issues, not calcium effects - and with your DS' history, I wouldn't try calcium just yet. Hormone balances is definitely a potential issue, so hopefully AF kicks in soon and things return to a better place.
www.iherb.com - i can't get it in my local stores either. I either use the thorne capsules (which contain a lot, so you only need a small sprinkle), or the nutricology drops.
Ugh, sorry Kathy! Amy, 1/3 thorne trace minerals is great, that's more or less what my DS took before I weaned him. If you need more mo, the nutricology drops are great, or thorne makes a capsule that you only need a tiny bit of (and mo is tasteless, so easy to hide). And yes, figuring out 1 kid, even if it isn't the kid you started working on, is great!
Sulfur goes through the same pathway as sals, just further up the pathway. For some people, adding sulfur foods helps with sals, for others, makes it worse. Some people have only the sulfur sensitivity, some only the sals (this was DS, he always did great on sulfur foods) It depends on your genetics and nutrient deficiencies. mag, mo, p5p are helpful with both pieces of the pathway.
Broccoli is high sulfur, and the apple juice is high sals - and those clear through the same pathway. So this could still be her sals reaction. She may also be short in nutrients if you didn't pass as many in your milk because of the fever you were fighting. Is she getting her own mag & mo?
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