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I especially dislike that we cannot change our MDC usernames. It would be one thing to have posts show up on FB and Twitter if we were all given an opportunity to change our MDC identities (and/or were given the opportunity to opt out), but the new format doesn't allow it. I think this is an egregious breach of user trust.    
If I remember correctly, it was moister when she was young!    
Deep fried cheese curds... a Wisconsin delicacy! Bratwurst covered in sauerkraut and mustard. Cinnamon rolls from the local bakery. Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Lemonheads. Whole milk with Ovaltine. Snyder's honey mustard pretzel pieces. Trader Joe's frozen "deli" mac n' cheese. Marshmallows rolled in toasted coconut. Anything rolled in toasted coconut, actually.   I'm not a big Oreo fan myself, but DH hides a package of Oreos in his desk drawer so our...
Beefs... yum. I'm in Wisconsin, but have friends who are Chicagoans of Italian descent. I never turn down an invitation to beefs night!  
Your sister is a beautiful young woman! You are the big sister every young person deserves to have. Kudos to you for helping make her prom a night to remember.
I LOVE this post! So very, very well said!   Congratulations OP on the birth of your niece. She is lucky to have an auntie who looks forward to spending time with her!
  Kinda off-topic, but I have to say that I miss the McDonald's playlands from my childhood (the ones that were outside like a regular playground.) They were terribly unsafe by today's standards, but I have fond memories of them nonetheless. My favorite structure was this "Hamburglar" thingy that was basically a tube with a ladder that led to a low-ceilinged circular "jail." If there were other kids inside the structure, the only way you could get out of it was to jump...
   I agree!   Honestly, all those indoor play places gross me out regardless of how "clean" they appear to be.
I remember being scared s- less by a doomsday prediction I read in a book when I was about 10 years old. I was visiting one of my aunts when I read it, and I was so freaked out that I woke her up to tell her about what I'd read. She assured me that people have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of time and that I had nothing to worry about, but that prediction weighed on my mind for a long time afterward (like years).   I can only imagine how...
Yes I do consider them my family, because they consider me their family. As a matter of fact, my MIL and S-FIL (and their relatives) are closer to me than the majority of my blood relatives (my dad's family is especially horrid, as is my maternal grandmother). They are not perfect people, but they are accepting and kind, and don't make me feel like "just" an in-law.  
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