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Totally. A dude's crotch can get pretty gamey if not washed frequently!  
Yeah, this. I'm a pits and bits girl too. I wash those (and my face) in the shower daily. The rest of my body gets dry if I use soap on it more than once a week.    I exfoliate my face and body with granulated sugar a couple times a week, and I use either lotion or plant oils to moisturize my body.   I'm a daily shampooer/conditioner-er. The exception is when I've recently colored my hair. In that case I shampoo every other day in order to preserve the color.   DH is...
Boy oh boy, I would love to go to brunch with my family this Sunday. (Hint, hint, DH!)
Ooh, a Phil and Ted stroller! I demo'ed one of those at the local hoity-toity baby store right after DC3 was born, and man, I have to say that it's a nice stroller. DC2 loved her brief ride in it... brief because the stroller was WAAAY out of our price range!  If I had had the money, I definitely would have bought one-- they don't take up much room.    
I think this is good advice!
Nope, at least not according to the wage calculator in the article. We are a two-adult, three-kid family. My DH is the near-sole income earner in the family (I work outside the home about 10 hours per week). He manages a small business. If I found a full-time job in my field (food science), our income would likely double. I don't plan on going back to work full-time any time in the near future, though.   That said, we own our home, make very, very modest...
That is an awesome idea! I like the idea of turning the egg hunt into an adventure as opposed to a gift grab.   It's supposed to rain here too, which is kind of a bummer, but an indoor hunt doesn't sound like a bad idea.    
I agree with this. Novels that feature children who face adversity without the help of parents or adult authority figures present a forum for children to explore the themes of conflict, loss, independent decision making, etc. in a safe and (typically) age-appropriate manner.     This, too. There are a lot of books for elementary-aged kids that feature children interacting with their parent(s) and other family members. Judy Blume is another author of family-centered...
I have a few just like yours in the exact same place. They don't bother me at all.   Most (probably all) pregnant bellies in ads are Photoshopped. Photographers like to edit so they can bask in the glory of making their subjects look good.  
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