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I feel your pain, Limabean. During the spring, summer, and autumn months, my neighbor lady gets out her leaf blower and runs it for at least a half hour every single day, even when there aren't any actual leaves on the ground. She uses it in place of a broom and dustpan. Talk about an obnoxious waste of gas and source of noise pollution!
Congrats on hitting 1000+!   I might be among the Queen Lurkers. I've been a MDC member since 2006, and I only have 300+ posts. Then again, I don't visit MDC every day, or even every month, for that matter. If I did, I'd have a lot more than 300 posts!
My kids and I are all in the habit of washing our hands before meals. I just prefer the feeling of having clean hands before I eat.  
What's Happening to My Body, by Lynda and Area Madaras. My mom gave it to me when I was 8. Covers all the things your DD probably wants to know, and definitely covers what she needs to know. It's not inappropriately graphic, either (but it does have line drawings of genitalia and reproductive organs for illustrative purposes). Best puberty book I ever read.   http://www.amazon.com/Whats-Happening-Body-Book-Girls/dp/1557044449
  Oh, my DH would never comment sarcastically on FB about anything I posted on FB. He would comment insensitively to my face!   Honestly, I don't think he realizes that he hurts my feelings with his flippant or insensitive responses to my interests. I know he's not deliberately trying to hurt me. The real problem is (as a PP aptly described it) that he is not a very empathetic person. He has a hard time understanding and acknowledging the feelings of others (he's like...
  IMO, the program you are considering sounds quite doable if you have a good support network-- family, friends, or childcare providers who can help you out if you need extra time to study or prepare for a test, for example.   I was in school (brick-and-mortar)  full-time when DC2 was a baby and toddler, and my DC1 was in elementary school. It was stressful, but between my DH, my mom, and our DCP, we made it work. When my third child was born, my older kids were 9 years...
Well, by "soon," I mean within the next couple years. We keep our cars for a long time, so I'm considering our long-tern needs as my kids get bigger and their car seat needs change. My 2.5 year old will be in the Britax for a while yet. I go by height and weight when choosing car seats rather than chronological age. My 5 year old just moved from her Marathon to the Turbo a couple weeks ago, so I'm not in a hurry to get my 2.5 year old out of hers. I might go ahead and...
NZ possums must be much nicer looking than North American possums if their fur is nice enough to use in fashion garments and in knitting wool! The possums here in the States have (IMO) really ugly fur, and I can't see using their pelts for any aesthetic purpose.      
Okay, will do! Thanks for the reco!    
DH and I need to get a new car, and we're thinking of getting a Subaru. I just did an archive search, and from the looks of it, the Forrester has a slightly narrower backseat than the Ouback. My kids are 2.5, 5, and 12. My 2.5 year old rides in a Britax Marathon, my 5 year old rides in a Graco Turbo Elite booster, and my 12 year old rides on the seat of his jeans. Can I seat two kiddos in car seats and an older child in the back seat of an Outback safely and...
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