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I used to sit bouncing on the birth ball when my first baby was asleep in the sling...then he thought i was walking when I was really on the computer or whatnot.  Lifesaver!
Great birth story!  So glad that you were able to figure out how to birth your big guy and that were able to have a peaceful day without phoning everyone.  I never call or text people from the hospital for some reason, so that buys me a couple of days ;)  
Wow.  Very interesting about the cord!  You're right, it's always hard to guess what part of the birth is going to be "the story", eh?  Enjoy your boy ;)
Just had my third late baby.  Doctors said dd was 8/1 and she came 8/11...I know dd was more like 8/6, but still, it was demoralizing.  My physical list was long and I went through lots of stages of emotion (hopeful, resigned, depressed, angry, hopeless and finally hopeful again when contractions started).  Hang in there.  Have a good cry and embrace the emotion of the day...I think the emotions serve a purpose having gone late three times now :).  I know it's not easy...
Our little (big) girl came on 8/11 at about 41 weeks.  Catherine Louise weighed in at 10 pounds, 5 ounces much to everyone's surprise!  I will have to post the birth story at some point -- it involves fleeing an induction, delaying one and cancelling one before resulting in spontaneous labor ;).  I had a pissy doctor by the time I had her, but luckily there was a shift change and the mood lightened.  Oddly my milk isn't in yet...came in immediately with both boys.  She's...
Oh my.  I'm causing quite the problems.  I cancelled my second induction too!!  I just couldn't stand thinking that I was putting myself at unnecessary risk for a c/s.  But...I agreed to an NST and I felt like baby seemed in distress.  They said baby was fine and set me up for a non-negotiable induction on Monday night.  Now I'm regretting not doing it...  except, I kind of feel like I'm in early labor finally.  I'm having the right kind of contractions about every 10...
So much happening here on the board suddenly!  Yet, so little happening with my particular uterus.  My due date according to the doctor was August 1st and even though I know it should be more like the 4-6th it is a bit discouraging.   I have had a weird go of it.  I went for an induction on Sunday night -- didn't want to, but it seemed like the "right" thing to do in lieu of several factors.  I was really upset about it and feeling bad and almost backed out, but then...
66 and baby #3 is on her way any day now, so maybe I'll aim for an even 100 ;)  
It could definitely be breathing.  I can see mine breathing all the time and have had it confirmed on ultrasound during my NSTs.  The u/s tech was on the chest and saying "look, there she is practice breathing" and I said "I know, look, you can see it from the outside too".  It made her sophisticated technology seem a little lame :)  
Sol-y-paz had her little one too...I expect she'll post name and stats here soon.
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