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Thank you! She is.... :)  
Just to follow up... G race Ni cole S unshine was born 7/1/11 :) My 6 year old dd called her Grace from the moment we found out I was pregnant. When she was born, so did I. And then she was fully named on July 5th. My dd's middle name is Sunshine, and she wanted to share it with her sister. I love the thought that they will always share that name, my sunshine girls. dh wanted to name her Nicole for my dad, and some how I loved the name after she was born. So my dd gave...
Was thinking NickiGrace Jasmine (really thinking today NickiGrace Sunshine, my daughter's middle name, that's what she wants to middle name her sister) But is NickiGrace Jasmine or Sunshine too long? DH maybe thinks it is (but really, Nicolette Jasmine is only one syllable less) I just fell in love with the name Gracie Sunshine (I don't know if DH will go for shared middle names, but in a way I like it, her sister loves it, I think it could be a lovely shared...
Congrats! Like CrunchyClark said, so much for fundal height! 
Still no baby.... And today she had her feet in my solar plexus ahhhhhh Does anyone like Nickalyssa? (Alyssa is my middle name, Nicholas is my dad's name). I'm not sure I can get dh to go for it. Jasmine (the flower) has special meaning for me and dh, but apparently either Nick, Grace, or Jaz is going to have to go.... Not sure which one I'm willing to give up. All three are special to me. Sometimes I think I just do not care argh!
Name narrowed down, finally. My 6 y.o. daughter named this baby Grace, from the day we knew we were preg. My husband named this baby Nick, that same day (after my dad). I'm not a big fan of Nicole, but variations have grown on me. Finally down to Grace Jasmine, dh likes it, but his vote is Nicksomething Jasmine (nicole, nicolette, etc.) Both dh and dd nixed have 2 middle names. So, I like Grace Jasmine, but would still really like to name this kid after my...
Beautiful baby! I would have said Violet yesterday, but today, seeing her pic, I say Isla!
I am due with my second in about 3 days. Midwife measured baby when I was 39 weeks and 2 days and said I was 34.5. The week before, I was 35. Baby keeps dropping, but I went through this with my first. I look belly-icious when I'm upright, but lying down, I scarcely look pregnant. I am long torso-ed with wide hips. The first time around, midwife made me nervous. This time I went for an ultrasound to humor them a month ago. Everything normal, etc. Now midwife group wants...
Love the nipple hat :) I think I might have to make one of those too! The k2 p2 is what I was starting... Thanks!  
Any recommendations for a newborn hat knit pattern that stays on. Is a rolled brim best? ribbed edge? two rows knit, two rows purl? I would like to use this awesome super soft blue sky organic cotton. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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