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Changed mind, sorry.
Sorry, mistake.
I would be game! I am homeschooling, work very part time (Etsy shop and sell on eBay) and do crossfit workouts at home. I had been doing really well in both working out and eating paleo, but then went on vacation and had a sick baby to care for. I'm getting back on track but could use motivation! Like you I am working out to build strength and stamina.
My son just turned 2 and is in a similar place. We have started very casually. I'll have him sit on the potty chair to do his big morning pee and when he's getting ready to poop - he has pretty clear signs. Gets very quiet and gets up - has to stand. yesterday he asked me to take his diaper off, he said "no diaper, just pants". I think as long as there is interest and they can tell you when they are going, then it's a great time to try.
My kid is 2 and he doesn't sleep through the night. Sleep deprivation is STILL an issue for me sometimes.
I agree with the other posters, that a straightforward approach feels right. I pretty much say how I'm feeling, or how their actions make me feel. Because all I can control is myself - I'm trying to encourage self-governance and not try to control them as I have done in the past! So I will say that I am really impressed when I am impressed. I also try to specifically mention the good character behind the good action/product (sorry if I'm not explaining this well, not...
I had my first in the hospital with a midwife, and my last two at home with a homebirth midwife. There are lots of factors to consider, as you know. Another big one is prenatal care. In my experience, the quality of your prenatal care has a big impact on your birth experience. My homebirth midwife taught me SO much, from nutrition/diet to self care, herbs, etc. She or her backup were available by phone 24/7 for any questions or concerns i had. I was 25 lbs lighter giving...
I had never considered using one until recently. I had the idea to try one with my older two (ages 5&7), who were fighting a lot earlier in the summer. I used a big piece of paper and made a path like candyland. Along the way they had the rewards to work toward, which were a trip to a local ice cream shop that we all love, a trip to an awesome indoor pool, and a trip to the city to ride the light rail train. In order to get a star they have to have a 'kind and sharing...
Thanks Sweet Silver for those thoughts on boredom. I have a nearly 8 yo who has recently started to complain of boredom for the first time in his life, and I can see that he is making this transition. His "play" is starting to look really different too and I have been wondering if I am doing enough to inspire his self directed learning. I will look for more information on these phases - if there is a specific source you know of I'd be grateful if you could let me know.
When I was first interested in it, I found a few crossfit blogs that I really liked, that mentioned doing it at home and while traveling. Then I looked into that specifically and found a few blogs that got me started:   http://littlebitofparadise.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/how-i-became-a-crossfit-mom-part-one/ (this whole series is a great read, and very inspiring. Post #2 talks more about how she does it from...
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