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Italiamom & Carrie both!! What an awesome day this is turning out to be!! I cannot WAIT to hear!!!!! 
YAYAYAYAYA!!! I've been stalking your posts! I hope everything is going well! Cannot wait to hear!
Awww!! Yay! Can't wait to hear all about him! Congratulations Beckily! Welcome Charles! 
Congratulations!! How exciting! Kudos to you for listening to your body. Can't wait to hear all about him. 
They're STUNNING! Congratulations! I love their names. 
Oh my goodness! I cannot wait to hear! Congratulations!
It's a little nauseating to me that those of us who don't agree with her actions are essentially being scolded for not agreeing. Many of us are clearly of the opinion that the OP was out of line and somehow that's been equated with "causing trouble".   
He's such a doll. Congratulations!
She is SOOOO adorable!!! 
OP, I think the complaint to the hospital was a major over-reaction as you admitted yourself that the struggle was really a non struggle...and two or three seconds hardly seems enough time for her to make multiple attempts at retracting him. I'm also having trouble visualizing how this is happening if you're holding your son's penis.   
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